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Making technology easy and enjoyable

With five generations now working side by side, it can be hard for businesses to find the right way to get the best from everyone and to engage brilliantly with customers. What you need are IT and communication systems that are easy to use, yet flexible and adaptable enough to suit all your differing needs.

We focus on creating straightforward solutions that our customers enjoy using and that provide them with genuinely useful features that will make their working lives easier. Helping our customers to connect, communicate and collaborate better, in new and more intuitive ways, is what will always keep us pushing to provide great products and the accompanying service that continually make them smile.

Our history

Windsor Telecom started out in 1999 and soon became the leading provider of memorable phone numbers and the services that helped businesses make it easy for customers to connect with them. Since then we’ve grown into a full-service technology partner, supporting over 6,000 businesses with their connectivity, communication and IT services needs.

Our passion

We love helping customers get the most from technology, but most of all we love making them smile with both our service and our easy approach to technology and doing business together. You’ll feel that from the first time we get in touch, when we listen to and understand your business challenges and most importantly if you ever need to call for help or support.

If that’s the kind of relationship you want as your business evolves and grows, talk to us.

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Pete Tomlinson

People at work deserve the same simplicity they experience as with their tech at home. And that’s what we’re creating. We’re growing a business here at Windsor that’s focused on creating technologies that people love using. And we’re delivering it with a service that makes our customers feel special. Helping everyone get the most out of their business tech.”

Pete Tomlinson | Chief Executive Officer

Why Windsor

Outstanding customer service and dedicated support are what Windsor Windsor Telecom thrives on. We give a premier service to all our customers, not just a select few and we’ll treat you as the individual person or company that you are. That’s the Windsor Telecom difference.

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    We love what we do.

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    We provide great service.

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    We keep things simple.

Why people love Windsor

Why do people love Windsor

At Windsor Telecom, we’re not here to talk you into the most complicated tech solutions, we’re here to help you find the simplest.

Find out more about how we’re so different from other tech companies.


Our Customers


The main thing that we wanted was for all of our communication and connectivity services to be in one place. With Windsor, this process was quick, easy and simple to understand.”

Mulberry Dental Clinic |

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