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Managed IT security solutions

Every day cyber threats become evermore sophisticated, frequent, and targeted, so robust IT security should be top of the agenda to protect your company’s digital data and reputation. At Windsor Telecom, we take IT security very seriously and have developed services to ensure that any risk to your organisation is minimised and you’re always one step ahead of emerging threats.

Your business and its requirements are unique. That’s why we work alongside you to provide tailored IT security solutions that safeguard your data and IT estate. Using our expertise, we’ll help you take advantage of protective solutions such as email security, firewalls, dark web monitoring and two factor authentication so you can rest easy that your business is fully protected at all times.

Why use specialists for your IT security



Outsourcing your IT Security to us means letting qualified and experienced cyber security experts protect your data and systems.


Proactive monitoring

A 360 degree view enables us to see emerging threats and intercept them before they materialise and cause any damage.



Our solutions can seamlessly expand when your business needs change or grow, providing full flexibility for you into the future.


Cost effective

Stop juggling multiple security services, let us provide you with one cost-effective solution, tailored to your exact needs.

Network security

Managed IT security

Our managed solution will suit you if you’re looking to outsource your IT to a third party. We’ll integrate security services into a tailored IT solution that fits your exact business needs and charge a simple monthly cost for ongoing support, security, maintenance and delivery of your IT systems.


What IT security services do we offer?

Email security

We use premium email security software to ensure that your communications are safeguarded. Traditional email filters sit in front of your mail server, so they don’t see internal and historical emails. Ours works from inside Microsoft 365 and uses artificial intelligence to detect signs of spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise.

Firewalls & Antivirus

Firewalls are the virtual shields defending your organisation against cyber threats. Whilst they are designed to mitigate most attacks, we also recommend protecting your organisation with one of the market’s leading antivirus software. The two combined offer a secure method of protection. We’re here to help with the installation and monitoring of both Firewalls and Antivirus.

Two factor authentication (2FA)

Add an additional layer of protection to accounts by utilising this heavily adopted security method. Two factor authentication (2FA) can be applied to a wide range of accounts such as devices, banking, invoicing software and more. We work with the leading 2FA applications to ensure that your accounts are even more secure.

Dark web monitoring

We have access to the most advanced Dark Web monitoring platform on the market. Combining this award-winning platform’s intelligence with our security know-how we will proactively monitor the dark web for any use of your business’ compromised data including stolen employee or customer data and brand infringements.

Why Windsor Telecom for IT security


On hand support

Our in-house support helpdesk is manned by qualified IT experts.


One supplier

Enjoy the simplicity of a single contact for all your IT security needs.



We have over 20 years’ experience of delivering IT services to UK businesses.

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Our managed solutions are tailored specifically to what to your needs.


Stay up to date

We’ll keep your security up to date and your business safe from threat.