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Business Collaboration

Create a flexible work environment

Design a communications solution that gives you the tools you need to create the type of working environment that’s right for you.

By bringing together all the different elements of communications including instant messaging, presence information, voice calls, mobile, text, web, video, desktop sharing, email and conferencing into one collaborative suite of solutions; businesses can gain advantages of integrated ways of working and sharing of information, making them more productive and unified as a team.

Integrated business communications

Our Cloud Phone Systems can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams to give a full Unified Communications experience that allows your business to enjoy the benefits of collaborative working and the advantages that brings.

4 ways unified communications will help your business

  • Deliver a great customer experience With an integrated suite of communication tools you can quickly direct your customer to who they need to talk to and respond quickly to their enquiry no matter where you are, through whatever communication channel they choose.
  • Be more flexible Don’t let location be a barrier to work. Unified Communications gives you the ability to work collaboratively and be productive from any location, helping you to easily respond to your colleagues and customers’ needs.
  • Be more productive By having communications delivered to where you are, and the ability to share information quickly and easily, colleagues and teams can work more efficiently and productively, collaborating easily and quickly across projects and tasks.
  • Enable a remote workforce With Cloud Phone Systems, Mobile and tools such as Instant Messaging, Presence and Video Calling, it’s never been easier to keep your mobile and remote workers productive and feeling part of the team, which is extremely important for both output and motivation.

The Tools of Unified Communications

Pebble - VoIP

Hosted telephony and VoIP

With cloud phone systems, also known as VoIP, you can instantly answer and make phone calls from a range of devices without being tied to your desk phone. With VoIP phone systems, teams have the freedom to enjoy flexible working across locations, be agile in answering calls to customers and have a range of features with which to ensure communications are well managed across the business. Talk to us today about our Cloud-based Phone System, available from as little as £11 per user per month.

Pebble - Chat

Instant messaging

The perfect solution when you want a quick and responsive answer without picking up the phone or to stop emails clogging up your inbox. Instant messages are also a great way for keeping remote workers in touch with office-based colleagues. Our Cloud Phone Solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams which lets you switch easily between IM, desktop sharing, calling and video conferencing, making it an extremely powerful tool for collaborative working.

Pebble - Email


Emails still form an extremely important part of our communications stream. They are heavily relied on both internally and externally to share documents, converse with colleagues, work with suppliers and do business with customers. Being able to access your email from any device, as well as to securely share and collaborate on documents whenever and wherever is a vital part of our daily lives.

Pebble - Video calling

Video calling

Don’t let distance get in the way of a conversation. We all sometimes need to be in multiple places at once and with video calling, you can be. Whether it’s a casual catch up made from an airport lounge or coffee shop with a colleague, or a more structured customer meeting, video calling lets you be in one place and still have rewarding face-to-face conversations with the people you need to.

Pebble - Mobile2


Whether you provide a business mobile solution to your colleagues or allow them to use their own devices, there aren’t many workers now without a mobile phone. Mobile technology now gives us all the ability to work free from the confines of the office, answering calls, checking emails, responding to instant messages and much more with an increasing number of mobile apps available for many of our desktop applications.

Pebble - People


It might be great if you were always able to look across at someone’s desk to see if they free, but when that’s not possible let Presence easily tell you, at a glance, whether someone’s available or not. You can see if they’re available to take a call or respond to your email; or if they’re in a meeting, on a call or just need some focused time. It’s vital for being able to respond quickly to business needs and customer expectations.

How Unified Communication Works

Why Windsor Telecom for your unified communications

With our Unified Communications solution you get full control over all your applications, allowing you to perform business critical actions in an instant. Our Cloud Telephony Solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams giving you an easy to use communications solution that your teams will quickly find familiar and intuitive. Your dedicated account manager will be able to work with you to ensure you understand how to get the best out of your new unified communications solution immediately from day one with our guided setup, ensuring you never feel like you’re on your own.

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Remote working is fast becoming the norm

Unified communications empowers mobile workers with a seamless experience across all channels, locations and devices within a single interface.

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