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Unified communications: create a flexible work environment your colleagues and customers will love

Unified communications gives you the tools you need to create the type of working environment that’s right for you. It brings together all the ways you love to communicate and collaborate into one all-inclusive, easy-to-use solution.

By bringing your calls, instant messaging and video meetings into one solution, your teams will be better suited to handle calls professionally from any location on mobile, desktop or handset; manage and resolve customer queries faster and have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

What are the benefits of a unified communication solution?

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Simple query management
Respond and resolve customers queries quickly from anywhere, through whatever communication channel they choose.

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Productive teams
Share information quickly and easily allowing colleagues to work more efficiently and collaborate easily across projects and tasks.

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Support mobile working
Enable remote teams to work from anywhere on any device with integrated apps, helping them feel connected and motivated.

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Easy team management
Understand team and customer contact activity through reports and in-depth analysis, to support team performance and SLAs.

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How does unified communications work?

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, brings together cloud-based phone systems, internal messaging, video meetings and file sharing into one communications platform. Businesses adopt unified communications to give their teams the tools to communicate and collaborate from anywhere on any device they choose – handset, mobile, laptop or mobile.

Why is unified communications so important?

Unified communications benefits both customers and colleagues. Customers receive a faster and more seamless experience when dealing with businesses across a number of different service channels. And employees get the flexibility to work from any location, supported by the right tools and devices they need to do their job.

Working with you to find your best solution

Windsor Telecom partner with leading unified communication providers to bring together everything that’s great about cloud voice and collaboration. We know that every business is at a different point of their comms journey and that everyone’s needs are different.

We’ll help guide you with:

  • Moving your communication systems to the cloud
  • Standardising flexible and remote working
  • Expanding your customer service channels
  • Exploring better ways to communicate and collaborate
  • Delivering your optimal customer experience
  • Easily monitor and report on your team performance
  • Which unified communications solution best fits your needs
  • Which features and functions your colleagues really need

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Why Windsor Telecom for your unified communications

We make it our business to know your business, working alongside you to map your worker styles to their needs and design a solution that both fulfils those needs and aligns with your business goals. Whether our powerful Xelion cloud solution which bridges communication and collaboration is the right fit for you, with its integrated WhatsApp, chat and video, or you opt for a simpler Microsoft Teams Phone approach; your dedicated account manager will work with you to get the best out of your new unified communications solution from day one, ensuring you’re never on your own.

We’ve taken advantage of 20+ years of communications experience to offer a combination of communications, collaboration and contact to scale for every size of business and find the best solution.

Professional services

We provide a set of professional services to make the transition to an unified solution as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our dedicated service and customer support sets us apart and is an important part of our setup.

About professional services

Advanced communication integration

We’ll work with you to integrate with Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and your CRM to give a full unified communications experience and one reliable platform to track activity and performance.

About our service

The demand for better ways to communicate

Over the last decade, more businesses have moved to a cloud-first and digital-first approach of working and communicating with their customers and each other. The change to a digital world has brought about a shift in the demands and expectations of staff and customers.

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