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Our FTTC Fibre Office Broadband and ADSL services provide fast and reliable business broadband solutions for companies wanting to connect to the internet at a cost-effective price, with no compromise on quality.

Your business can take full advantage of fast upload and download speeds over our network, unlimited data and 24/7/365 support. If you’re a small or growing business with straightforward technology needs, our effective business broadband solution is perfect for you.

Fibre Broadband



  • No connection fee
  • 1 year contract
  • Business-quality wireless router included
  • Up to 76Mb download speed, 20Mb upload
  • Unlimited data

Fibre broadband for businesses allows you to take advantage of fast, reliable speeds where they are available. Fibre office broadband is ideal for companies running data hungry and business critical applications including voice and video.

Perfect for:

  • Small, mid and growing businesses
  • Data hungry applications
  • Internet-based voice and video solutions
  • Failover solutions to leased lines


FROM £50


  • No connection fee
  • 1 year contract
  • Business-grade wireless router included
  • Unlimited data

Choose from 2 options:

  • 160Mbps/30Mbps
  • 330Mbps/50Mbps

G.Fast allows for ultra-fast, reliable speeds where available in the UK and is easy to setup for businesses with critical applications including voice and video.

Perfect for:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses
  • More bandwidth compared to Fibre
  • Downloading large files and clear VoIP and video calls



per month

  • No connection fee
  • 1 year contract
  • Business-quality wireless router included
  • Up to 17Mb download speed, 1Mb upload
  • Unlimited data

A great entry internet service for smaller businesses that don’t have business-critical online systems, ADSL business broadband is a great alternative in locations with no fibre coverage, or as a back-up solution to a leased line connection.

Perfect for:

  • Small businesses
  • Non business-critical online systems
  • Back-up/failover solutions
  • No fibre coverage locations
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Keeping you in the conversation

With your connectivity fast and reliable through efficient broadband for the office, our VoIP cloud phone system is the perfect solution to help your business perform and communicate at its best. Stay in touch with your colleagues and customers wherever they are, across multiple devices. And let us help you move towards a more agile workforce, giving you the tools you need to feel in control.

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Why Windsor TELECOM for your Business Connectivity

  • Business quality internet access with direct connections to 300 business applications and sites including Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce
  • Enhanced control over applications across your connection, such as video, voice calls and other business critical services
  • High quality routers and great options for managed WiFi connectivity
  • Optional enhanced care packages and business-grade SLAs available across all our connectivity options
  • We will proactively monitor your line and ensure it’s working at its best and meeting your needs
  • A red-carpet customer service experience that is focused on you and your business