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Microsoft Teams: Powerful business collaboration

Business collaboration tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, presence and document sharing enable colleagues to work together without location being a barrier. Every business wants to be more productive and technology is evolving at a fast pace to enable this, especially where working easily across devices and locations is concerned. At the heart of this is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is the most powerful, widely adopted and intuitive collaboration tool available. With privacy and security at its centre, Teams is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud and as part of the Microsoft 365 suite, gives businesses everything they need to work from home, office locations and on the go.

There are lots of options to choose from, including a free version available directly from Microsoft and enhanced services as part of various Microsoft 365 plans. Our experts will make picking and using the right solution easy and straightforward.


Why you need Microsoft Teams in your business

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Flexible working

Enables collaboration across locations and all your devices.

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Easier communications

Provides chat, calls, conferencing, video and screenshare – all in one.

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Immediately see when colleagues are available.

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Increased productivity

Quite simply, a smarter way to work.

Collaborate in unlimited ways

Use all these tools to maximise the potential of your day:

  • Instant Messaging
    Chat online and get quick responses from your colleagues, one-to-one or in groups.
  • Presence
    Immediately see whether people are busy or available so you know where to route your or your customers’ enquiries.
  • Ad-hoc and planned conferencing
    Set up online meetings and conference calls or simply start them ad-hoc, with space for voice, video and document sharing.
  • Audio and video calling
    Immediately switch from chat to call. Or, if you like to see the person you’re talking to, video call from your desktop or mobile at the touch of a button.
  • Seamless switching between communications
    Easily move between messaging, calling, video and screen share, all in one platform. Invite more colleagues to the discussion knowing easily when they’re available.
  • Integrate with your cloud telephony
    Integrate Microsoft Teams seamlessly with your Cloud Telephony solution to make outbound calls and unlock access to your multitude of call handling features.
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7 things to love about Microsoft Teams

If you’re not already a “MS Teams groupie”, we fear you may be missing out. We’ve put together 7 things that we particularly love about using Microsoft Teams in different scenarios and for different purposes that you might not know about.

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Microsoft Teams

Helping you move to a more collaborative way of working

If you’re ready to achieve more with Microsoft Teams, we’re ready to help you get there. Our team of communication experts can provide advice and support from day one – from choosing the plan that’s right for you (including monthly rolling options), through to setting up, selecting hardware and integrating onwards with other software for a true unified experience. Give us a call today to talk through how to get the best from your teams, today and every day:

  • Advice on selecting the right Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 license.
  • Guided set up, in-life support and help with user training or adoption
  • Integration with telephony services to enable PSTN calling via Teams
  • Managing Microsoft 365 accounts and its other collaboration tools
  • Sourcing accessories such as headsets, speakers and cameras
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Hosted cloud phone systems

At the heart of any business success is getting the communications solution that’s right for them, which often involves integrating collaboration and CRM tools with a fully featured hosted VoIP phone system. This offers an easy way to manage contact from any device regardless of location.

Our cloud telephony service also comes with an intuitive management portal where you can access loads of useful call handling, reporting and management features making it really easy to ensure your customers get a great experience, every time they call.

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Microsoft Teams Product Sheet

Microsoft Teams product sheet

Microsoft Teams is the most powerful and intuitive collaboration tool available. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite it combines instant messaging, calls, meetings, conferencing, file share, presence and video, giving businesses everything they need to work from home, office locations and on the go, from any device.

Download our ‘at a glance’ product sheet to find out how your business could benefit.