7 Things to love about Microsoft Teams

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7 Things to love about Microsoft Teams

What did businesses do before Microsoft Teams? If you’re already using it then you’ll know how great it is for being able to collaborate with customers and colleagues while not physically being in the same workspace as them. If you’re not already a “MS Teams groupie”, we fear you may be missing out.

We’ve put together 7 things that we particularly love about using Microsoft Teams in different scenarios and for different purposes that you might not know about.

Easily find shared files with Microsoft Teams

1. Easily find shared files

Any files you’ve shared in Teams, channels or chats can always be found in your ‘Files’ tab for easy access. They are stored in the cloud so are accessible from anywhere on any device.

Work together with Microsoft Teams

2. Work together

Gone are the days of needing to save multiple drafts, while tracking changes on one document emailed back and forth between colleagues. It’s not only clumsy, it’s often inaccurate. Open shared files in Teams directly in the desktop apps, like Excel, PowerPoint and Word, for full functionality while continuing to work collaboratively and save in real-time.

Keep everyone included with Teams

3. Keep everyone included

On group video calls where you want everyone to feel included there are a few features to help you out.  Reframe people when their camera view is cropped incorrectly, pin the presenter to your screen to help you focus on them and even raise your hand to show you have something to say, so everyone gets the air time they need.

Collaborate in real time with Microsoft Teams

4. Collaborate in real time

Microsoft Teams is the new boardroom. Use the chat to add points when there’s too much conversation flowing, share links or files, store meeting notes, record the meeting and refer back on points afterwards, and don’t forget to use the whiteboard to work through ideas collaboratively while all together.

Keep your privacy with Microsoft Teams

5. Keep your privacy

With the ability to work from anywhere, you may feel the need to screen your surroundings while on a video conference. Blur or use a photo background so you can keep your surroundings private from your audience.

Urgent or important notifications with Microsoft Teams

6. Urgent or important

With more colleagues working remotely, the need to communicate quickly through online chat increases and messages coming through on your channel chats can often be missed. If a message just isn’t getting through tag the person’s name in the message (@JohnSmith) or mark it as ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ to make it stand out. Urgent messages will even notify the recipient of their presence for the next 20 minutes so are guaranteed not to be missed.

Share emotion with Microsoft Teams

7. Share emotion

Show your human side while on Microsoft Teams chat and share emojis, gifs and through giving praise – there are hundreds built in. Even if you’re not present you can still show you care.

With so many great features on offer, who wouldn’t fall in love with Microsoft Teams. It’s an efficient collaboration tool that helps your team work better than ever remotely, now is the perfect time to begin harnessing the power of Teams and other Microsoft app integrations. Here at Windsor Telecom we are passionate about Microsoft Teams and can help you build a better, more effective online workspace.

If you’d like to talk to us about how Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 can best work for your business, please give us a call on 0800 160 1111.