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SD-WAN: Connecting multiple sites simply and effectively 

SD-WAN is an approach that simplifies the management and operation of a Wide Area Network, giving greater flexibility, control and visibility for multi-site organisations. Gartner predicts that by 2023 more than 90% of WAN refresh initiatives will be based on this approach.

A key advantage of SD-WAN is that it allows organisations to build high performance networks using standard business internet services, enabling them to replace more expensive and restrictive private WAN technologies like MPLS.

The ability to support multiple connection types

All connection types are supported, so you can be led entirely by the individual requirements of the site and network infrastructure available at each individual location, including:

  • Business broadband using ADSL, FTTC and FTTP
  • Mobile via 4G, LTE and 5G as it is rolled out
  • Ethernet leased lines at 100Mb, 1Gb and 10Gb.

Importantly, we can provide these via any telecom’s carrier, including BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media Business and City Fibre. SD-WAN is usually deployed over Direct Internet Access services, however if you are still running a legacy MPLS service across locations, it is also possible to incorporate this into the network to create a hybrid infrastructure and enable migration over time.

Key features of SD-WAN

Security, performance and resilience are the hallmarks of SD-WAN, with straightforward administration, troubleshooting and online traffic engineering:

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A simple interface that is easy to configure and manage

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Dynamic path selection for load sharing and resiliency

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Built in VPN, firewalls and web gateways

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Quality of service and prioritisation with application level traffic management

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Real time detection of outages and automatic failover

Why Windsor Telecom for your business connectivity

  • Business quality internet access to over 300 sites and business applications including Microsoft, AWS, Google, Salesforce and YouTube.
  • Full control over applications across your connection, such as video, voice calls and other business critical services
  • High quality CPE and great options for managed WiFi connectivity
  • High level SLAs with 24/7 support
  • We will proactively monitor your services and ensure they’re working at its best and meeting your needs
  • A red-carpet customer service experience that is focused on you and your business