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Talk anytime, anywhere on any device

The right phone solution can play an important role in the growth of a business if incorporated in the right way. Connect with your customers from any location on a multitude of devices with a solution that will keep you on top of your business matters without restriction.

Our phone solutions can help to streamline the communication between your internal teams, both on-site and off, and help your people to do their job, whether they’re working from the office, out on the road, working from home or out on site.

Staying in touch with your customers and helping your employees to communicate with one another in a clear and succinct way is important, and to do it, you need a phone solution that’s built for you.

VoIP phone solutions

A solution that places all your voice calls over the internet, providing you with a flexible, fast and reliable service that lets you take calls from anywhere.

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SIP trunking

Get the convenience of a virtual line through your existing PBX system and enjoy the convenience of flexible and reliable voice calls.

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Business mobile

Tailored business-only mobile plans that give you the minutes, messages and data that you need. Enjoy the freedom of mobile and a business-exclusive network that doesn’t slow you down.

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The right phone solution will help you to:

  • Be proactive with customers Respond quicker and more promptly than ever before with phone systems that will help you to answer and receive calls from anywhere and with a speed and quality that keeps your customers happy.
  • Bring your teams together Create a communication infrastructure that unites a small office team or can span across office-based, remote and home workers, keeping them all in-sync and capable of working together in unison.
  • Scale to your needs when you’re ready For businesses that have future growth in mind, you’ll find phone systems that are easy to scale and cost-effective too, with a phone solution that’s ready to grow as soon as you are.
  • Embrace remote and flexible working A phone solution that’s powered by the cloud or mobile gives you and your workforce options when it comes to how you work. Have the freedom to support your workers and better prepare them with the tools they need to work in any location.
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Making the switch from ISDN to modern tech

ISDN technology will be switched off in 2025 with stop-sell happening in 2023. If you’re one of the million UK businesses still using it, you need a plan to move. Learn more about your options for switching over.

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cloud phone system

One provider for your voice and connectivity solutions

Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining super fast connectivity with a cloud phone system that keeps you in full control. Stay online, connected and in-touch with your customers, with high quality calls and an ever-present business continuity plan.

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Business phone numbers account management

Create a flexible work environment

Bring all elements of communications into one collaborative suite of solutions with Unified Communications. Integrate your business email, conferencing, desktop sharing, video, mobile, instant messaging and allow your team to be more productive.

Unified communications

Why Windsor Telecom for your phone solution needs

We go the extra mile at Windsor Telecom and help you to take advantage of a phone solution that helps you to get the most out of your solution.


“The price and service at Windsor Telecom set them apart right from the start. Every call and query are picked up and answered immediately, day or night, and the training they provided to ensure we saw value from our new VoIP phone system from day one was superb.”

~ Buckinghamshire Building Society

Fire and security company gets cloud telephony

A new cloud-based phone solution in just 7 days

Our customer, a large fire and security company, approached us to discuss a new phone system that they needed fully operational for over 100 users within two weeks, we rose to the challenge and delivered in just 7 days.


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