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The best business phone solutions should help your company work smarter by managing calls and business communications more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Streamline your business communications so you can connect with customers and stay on top of business matters from any location.

Whether your teams are at the office, out on the road, working from home or on site, our solutions provide the intelligent telephone system they need to communicate, collaborate and optimise workflow.

We provide highly flexible and intelligent business telephony systems and solutions, from feature-rich business VoIP phone systems, integrated unified communications and powerful contact centre solutions to memorable phone numbers for your business.


Find the best phone solutions for your business:

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1. Business VoIP Phone Systems

Host your business telephone system over the internet and take advantage of powerful call management features to improve your communications efficiency and customer experience.

Because VoIP uses your existing internet connection, it’s fast and easy to setup; can lower your telephony costs; and provides excellent clarity and high-definition calling. It also supports a number of useful features for your business including dynamic call forwarding, call recording, live call reporting and more. Extend your phone system into a business collaboration tool to streamline your communications.


  • Lower overall telephony costs
  • Handle your business calls with intelligent call routing and analysis
  • Make and receive calls on any device and from anywhere
  • An agile phone system to your business needs and growth
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2. Unified communications

Combine your business VoIP phone system and collaboration tools into one all-inclusive, easy-to-use solution that allow for calls, chat, video meetings and displayed presence all in one place. Integrate your external customer support channels like WhatsApp and SMS and your CRM into one environment to effectively manage your customer experience.


  • One easy-to-use environment for calls, messaging, video meetings
  • Advanced call management for superior customer calling experience
  • Intelligent live reporting on all your customer queries and wallboards
  • Stay in touch and be able to work from anywhere
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3. Microsoft Teams Phone System

If you love Microsoft Teams and want to integrate it into your everyday, with Microsoft Direct Routing you can make it your single solution for both communication and collaboration with customers and colleagues.

With all the basic business VoIP features like hunt groups and dial tones, you can make use of the Teams desktop and mobile apps to stay in contact wherever you’re working.


  • Full integration with Teams for calls, chat, file sharing and meetings
  • Free international internal calls and transfers for international businesses
  • Make and receive calls on any device and from anywhere
  • Secure environment with fraud detection and prevention
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4. Contact centre

Reducing response times and ensuring your customer queries are dealt with as efficiently and professionally as possible are key objectives for any customer call centre.

Our Contact Centre lets your working agents confidently handle customer conversations, across all contact channels including WhatsApp, email and even social media through one single view of queries to offer superior service.

We’ll provide a powerful, agile business communications system for your contact centre, allowing you to intelligently manage and optimise traffic and call queues, wherever your call agents are.


  • Easily add and remove users and features can from a central portal
  • Get a single view of your calls across agents and channels
  • Resolve queries faster through intelligent call routing
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5. Business Phone Numbers

Looking for a memorable business number for your company? We have a large range of numbers to help your clients connect with you.

Registering, configuring and activating your new number is fast and easy, and gives you the option to add powerful call analytics to track and understand how your numbers are used and how they perform.

Stand out from the crowd and generate more call traffic with a memorable number for your business.

  • 0800 numbers
  • 033 numbers
  • 0300 not-for-profit numbers
  • 01/02 numbers
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Benefits of our business phone solutions:

Better customer experiences

Respond quicker and more promptly than ever before with phone systems that will help you to answer and receive calls from anywhere and with a speed and quality that keeps your customers happy.

More connected teams

Create a communication infrastructure that unites a small office team or can span across office-based, remote and home workers, keeping them all in-sync and working collaboratively.

Scale to your needs

For businesses that have future growth in mind, a modern phone system gives you flexibility in meeting your evolving telephony needs and lets you to easily add new modules and features to match your company’s requirements.

Seamless remote and flexible working

A phone solution that’s powered by the cloud or mobile gives you and your workforce options when it comes to how you work. Have the freedom to support your workers with the tools they need for efficient remote working.

All the advanced features you need in your phone system

We’ll develop a bespoke phone system to meet your business needs, now and in the future.

Intelligent call handling & auto-attendant

From voicemail and call recording to call routing and queue management, we provide the features you need in your business phone system to ensure your incoming calls are always attended to.

Seamless Microsoft Teams integration

Fully integrate your communications solution with your business’ MS Teams workspace you can access from any softphone device and any location through a cloud / hosted PBX platform or SIP.

In-depth statistics and call reporting

Understand your organisation’s communications ecosystem so you can optimise both resource allocation and customer experience, with detailed insights and analytics on bespoke, easy-to-use dashboards.

Unified communications

Whether you need your business telephony to support direct rout calling, texting, video conferencing or CRM integration, we provide the technology and bespoke API development to optimise your business communications.

Optimise your business conversations, deliver exceptional customer service.

From handsets and headsets to bespoke cloud infrastructure, and from solution design to in-life service, we provide a turnkey phone service to meet your business needs.

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Create a flexible work environment

Bring all elements of communications into one collaborative suite of solutions with unified communications. Integrate your business email, conferencing, desktop sharing, video calling, mobile, instant messaging and allow your team to be more productive.

Unified communications

Engineering quality phone solutions for business

We go the extra mile at Windsor Telecom and help you to take advantage of a phone system that helps you to get the most out of your solution.


“The price and service at Windsor Telecom set them apart right from the start. Every call and query are picked up and answered immediately, day or night, and the training they provided to ensure we saw value from our new VoIP phone system from day one was superb.”

~ Buckinghamshire Building Society

We provide telecommunications solutions for industries and organisations across the UK:

From medium and small business phone systems to enterprise-level multiline and IP PBX systems, Windsor Telecom has helped hundreds of organisations improve their call management. We’re able to provide specialised phone services and customised call functionality for a wide range of sectors, including:

We provide telecommunications solutions for industries and organisations across the UK:

From medium and small business phone systems to enterprise-level multiline and IP PBX systems, Windsor Telecom has helped hundreds of organisations improve their call management. We’re able to provide specialised phone services and customised call functionality for a wide range of sectors, including:

Call centres



Public sector


NPO & Charity

Fire and security company gets cloud telephony

A new cloud-based phone solution in just 7 days

Our customer, a large fire and security company, approached us to discuss a new office phone system that they needed fully operational for over 100 users within two weeks, we rose to the challenge and delivered in just 7 days.


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