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Helping your business be better connected

Choosing the right connectivity solution for your business isn’t always straightforward, but finding the right balance of speed, reliability and resilience for a price you can afford, without compromising on service, has never been more important. And, in a world where cloud services are becoming the norm, the smooth running of your business applications and communications depends on it.

But not all connectivity is created equal. Many businesses are still relying on internet services that weren’t designed for them, meaning critical systems and tools don’t perform at their best. That’s why our customers have realised the benefits of business-grade connectivity and SLAs, together with increasingly investing in resilient backup solutions.

It’s a case of taking advantage of the best networks and infrastructure available in your area, combined with quality internet access, security and business tools.

Business broadband

Perfect for smaller businesses or satellite offices, looking for the most cost-effective, straightforward solution. Our business broadband offers FTTC, FTTP & options, providing you with fast, reliable connectivity. Also great for back up and failover solutions.

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Leased line DIA

Direct Internet Access for businesses looking for the fastest high performance connectivity. Select from Fibre Ethernet, EoFTTC or EFM leased lines. Ideal for larger businesses who rely on secure, uncontended, connectivity with guaranteed fix times.

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Quickly and easily connect multiple sites and build high performance networks. Assess every site on its own needs and select the most appropriate connectivity type from all major carriers, giving optimum flexibility, security, control and visibility, even prioritising traffic down to individual business applications and users.

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Mobile internet

For immediate needs, get online instantly with our mobile connectivity solution. Perfect for remote areas, temporary sites or as a back up to fixed line services, whilst still giving you mobile coverage that’s as good as broadband.

About mobile internet
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What connectivity is right for you?

Reliable connectivity is vital for every business, so choosing the right solution is extremely important.

There are many things to consider. Your business size and growth plans. The applications you’ll be running and bandwidth requirements. Your SLA expectations and back-up needs. Ultimately, the right connectivity for your business will depend on your specific needs and we’ll guide you through every step.

In general, those with smaller, single-site businesses and more standard needs should initially consider broadband based services; while Leased line DIA will offer higher guarantees around performance and reliability for bigger businesses or more bandwidth hungry needs.

Why Windsor Telecom for your business connectivity

We’re here to help. Not only can we help you work your way through the many acronyms and jargon some people seem to love, we’ll also help you define your needs and understand the range of solutions that are available at your specific locations, before helping you make the right choice.

And here are a few more reasons.

  • Business quality internet with dedicated connections to over 300 sites and business applications providers including Microsoft, AWS, Google and Salesforce
  • Enhanced control over applications across your connection, such as video, voice calls and other business critical services
  • High quality routers and great options for managed WiFi connectivity 
  • Optional enhanced care packages, business-grade SLAs and back up services
  • We will proactively monitor your line to ensure it’s working at its best and meeting your needs 
  • A red-carpet customer service experience that’s focused on you and your business
Business Internet product sheet

Connectivity solutions ‘at a glance’

Not all connectivity is equal. Many businesses still rely on internet services to run critical applications like cloud telephony, Office 365, Salesforce and other tools to perform optimally. Our ‘at a glance’ product sheet takes you through all our product offerings.