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High performing Ethernet connectivity

Fast and reliable internet connectivity is vital for the success of any business. With data consumption on the rise and more business critical services and applications moving to the cloud, businesses need the bandwidth to handle the demand to operate productively.

With ultrafast speeds, uncontended performance and guaranteed fix times, a leased line is the most reliable connectivity solution available. Leased lines offer a dedicated service, meaning you are always guaranteed your full connection speed and high levels of performance. It will keep your business data protected through a dedicated connection to your office or across multiple locations, ensuring your data transfers and file are secure.

Fibre Ethernet

Fibre Ethernet

  • Up to 1Gbps synchronous speeds
  • Fixed SLA of 5 hours

Fastest speed and guaranteed performance with maximum scalability. Perfect for larger office locations and where uptime is critical to your business.

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Ethernet Flex

Ethernet Flex

  • 200Mbps bandwidth with bursts to 1Gbps
  • 5 hour return to service guarantee

Ethernet Flex is a cost-effective full fibre connection that is perfect for businesses looking for occasional bursts of bandwidth to operate productively and efficiently.

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Ethernet over FTTC

  • Up to 20Mbps committed, up to 76Mbps burst
  • 7 hour fix-time

An entry-level leased line service with guaranteed, uncontended high-performance and a 7-hour fix SLA. Perfect for running business critical applications where performance really matters.

Ethernet First Mile

  • Up to 20Mbps download, 20Mbps upload speeds
  • 7 hour fix-time

A cost-effective alternative for those needing leased line quality in areas where fibre is not yet available. By combining multiple existing copper lines to deliver guaranteed performance and a 7-hour fix time.

Why Windsor Telecom for your business connectivity

  • Fully managed deployment, from procurement to installation, as we keep in touch with you every step of the way
  • Business quality internet access with direct connections to 300 business applications and sites including Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce
  • Enhanced control over applications across your connection, such as video, voice calls and other business critical services
  • High quality routers and great options for managed WiFi, including mesh and visitor networks
  • Business-grade SLAs, 24/7 support with backup services available across all our connectivity options
  • We will proactively monitor your line and ensure it’s working at its best and meeting your needs

What is Fibre Ethernet?

Fibre Ethernet is an end to end ethernet product which connects your business premises all the way to the Exchange via a dedicated fibre optic cable. It can be delivered with download speeds of up to 10Gb, enabling you to choose the bandwidth that fits the needs for your business at the right time.

Fibre Ethernet is the fastest, most scalable and reliable connection available, and with fix times of only 5 hours is the uncontended champion of connections. It’s an uncontended service, meaning that no one else shares your connection, ever. It’s also highly secure and resilient, so great for businesses where being ‘always on’ is number one on their agenda. Of course, it’s also the most expensive option, but if you think about what being offline could cost you in terms of revenue loss, reputational damage or productivity downtime, it’s also the only option for businesses that where being online is key to their success.


What is Ethernet Flex?

Ethernet Flex is a cost-effective full fibre connection that provides 200Mbps bandwidth as standard, with bursts to 1Gbps when needed, at no extra cost. It is perfect for businesses looking for occasional bursts of bandwidth to operate productively and efficiently. Delivered across a revolutionary full-fibre network, Ethernet Flex, this fully managed service includes a 5 hour return to service guarantee and 100% SLA, unlike any broadband service.


What is Ethernet over FTTC?

Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC) is an entry level Ethernet service provided by using a copper line over the short distance from your business premises to the green cabinets in the street, and then joining the fibre optic circuit to the exchange. With no degradation to performance this allows businesses to enjoy symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mb and to burst up to 76Mb download bandwidth.

It’s a perfect solution for businesses that need reliability and performance. It’s particularly useful as a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for fast data-file transfers or needing to run real-time applications like hosted voice and video. And unlike broadband with lower service level agreements, EoFTTC promises to have you back online within just seven hours in the event of a fault or interruption to service, rather than days or weeks.

What is Ethernet First Mile?

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a Leased Line service delivered using multiple copper telephone lines bundled together in pairs of 2 or 4 lines, to build a single service. A 2 pair service will usually provide up to 10Mb of symmetrical speed, while a 4 pair service will provide up to 20Mb bandwidth. This speed is dependent on the length of the copper, which is defined by the distance between your premises and the exchange.

EFM is a good solution for businesses that are in areas that are not fibre enabled as it provides faster speeds and a more reliable service than a standard residential broadband solution. It also provides inbuilt resilience as, if for whatever reason one of the copper wires fails, there are other lines to continue your Internet service, and although your service will run slower it will still be live until the faulty wire is repaired, which for EFM will be within a 7 hour agreed SLA.


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One provider for your voice and connectivity

Combine our high-quality business internet services with our VoIP cloud phone solution and keep your business performing at its best in the way it connects and communicates with both customers and colleagues. High quality calls, mobile apps and automatic failovers, coupled with 24/7 dedicated UK support puts and your business firmly in control.

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