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Instant online access and back up services

Every business today wants and needs internet access. But there are several situations where gaining access to fixed broadband services just aren’t that quick, easy or affordable. For example, in remote locations, as an interim solution for popup sites and offices, or for business continuity as a failover solution.

Our Mobile Internet solution provides fast, easy to implement cloud connectivity to help businesses with scenarios just like these. With a flexible rolling monthly contract, it really could be the lifeline to your business when the unexpected happens or things don’t go according to plan.

Why you need mobile internet for your business

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Flexible to adapt to any business size in any location

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Installation can be completed within 48 hours

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Keeps you connected at maximum speeds for the coverage area

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Fully managed

We’ll manage the service end-to-end, giving you peace of mind.

Mobile Internet

Remote business broadband

Mobile Internet is ideal for businesses that work in remote locations. Companies in construction and marine industries will experience these challenges, as will charities or non-profit organisations, such as those with conservation and wildlife causes.

If your business is having a challenge with getting adequate speeds through fixed broadband or even with getting connected in the first place, then get in touch. With our mobile data solution being up and running in just 48 hours, we could be your lifeline to the Internet.


Interim broadband

Sometimes we just need a solution quicker. Maybe it’s a popup site or project that’s ahead of schedule, or it could be a delay with your fixed broadband provider that’s out of your control. Whatever the reason, no business should need to be without fast and reliable internet in the 21st Century.

That’s why our Mobile Internet solution will work fast to get you connected in 48 hours, whatever your location on a rolling on- month contract. You shouldn’t have to wait.

Business continuity

Business continuity 

How much would you pay to keep your business running? With outages costing the UK’s SME market around 82 million productive hours every year, surely it makes sense to invest in a technology that stops this happening to you.

Our Mobile Internet solution can provide a failover service alongside your fixed internet connection. Then, in the event of an outage or deterioration of performance in your broadband connection, your mobile backup will provide a completely independent business continuity solution, automatically routing data over 4G networks until your primary connection recovers. Meaning you don’t lose a minute’s productivity or business critical operations.