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What are the benefits of VoIP for your business?

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Lower costs

Enjoy free calls with great rates and no restrictive multi-year contracts and say goodbye to expensive maintenance costs.

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Flexible call handling

Handle every call in the right way, wherever you are, keeping both your teams and your customers happy.

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Advanced features

Unlock a rich world of features to enhance your business productivity, from analytics to CRM integration.

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We’ll help you set up to get the most from your new service. Our online portal provides instant access to call handling features.

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Future proof

You’ll be protected against the ISDN switch off while helping make your business more efficient and saving money.

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Better customer experiences

Ensure your customers’ calls are handled efficiently and intelligently with customisable call routing and management.

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Can VoIP call landlines?

Yes, VoIP phones can call any device, including normal landline numbers. Download our rates to see how much you can save when calling a landline from your VoIP phone.

Can VoIP receive texts?

Yes, VoIP can send and receive texts. You’ll be able to easily and conveniently send and receive texts on your PC, tablet, mobile or VoIP phone.

Get even more from your VoIP phone system

Your VoIP phone system is an extension of your business so why not make the most out of your cloud telephony and make use of its native call handling and management features:

Call Management

Call Manager Plus provides a simple and effective way for you to manage and monitor your teams inbound and outbound call volumes and flows.

More on Call Management

Microsoft Teams Calling

Conveniently join video meetings and make video calls through your cloud-based VoIP phone system with our Microsoft Teams add-on module.

More on Microsoft Teams Calling

SIP Trunking

Get the convenience of a virtual line through your existing PBX system and enjoy the convenience of flexible and reliable voice calls.

More on SIP Trunking

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Professional services

We provide a set of professional services to make the transition to a hosted, intelligent business phone system as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our dedicated service and customer support sets us apart and is an important part of our cloud telephony setup.

About our professional services


A VoIP phone system is quick to install and easy to use. In fact, all you need is business-grade broadband connection as VoIP requires very little technical know-how.

We provide a selection of pre-configured IP phones, so you can plug these into an internet connection and you’re up and running. You could opt for a softphone application on your PC, together with a headset, if you do not need a desk phone.

Our expert support team is on hand should you need assistance in getting set up.

A fast Internet connection, like a fibre broadband through to leased line and SD-WAN connections, is definitely needed for a business VoIP system.

The actual bandwidth depends on the number of concurrent calls that have to be made. If you need to make a lot of calls at the same time you will require more bandwidth.

No. This may have been an issue over a decade ago, but VoIP has improved rapidly to provide high-quality calling. VoIP users would not be able to tell the difference between a traditional phone call and a VoIP one. However, audio quality does depend on a number of factors and network congestion or poor configuration can cause issues.

Yes. We can easily set up your employees’ mobile phones with the mobile app to allow them to make and receive calls from any location. They will be able to make and receive calls from their mobile without displaying their personal contact details, displaying their office direct line and have access to the business’ global address book.

Yes, we do! As leading VoIP providers for business in the UK, Windsor Telecom provides various calling solutions to meet your requirements.

The bundles are valid for VoIP calls made to the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, USA, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Chile, Romania, Slovakia, Brazil, Israel, Peru and Puerto Rico.

Speak to one of our sales consultants to find the best VoIP package for your business needs.

All the call rates per operator are outlined in our  pricing rates card. We’d suggest you review these charges when calling abroad.