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A seamless call management solution to manage your teams’ calls and boost your customer experience.

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Get real-time analysis and visualisation of your teams’ calls

Making sure your teams are available and ready to make and receive customer calls is vital. It boosts your customer experience, drives productivity, and ensures your business reputation.

Call Manager Plus is a seamless extension to our cloud telephony solution. It provides a simple and effective way for you to manage your teams by better handling their inbound and outbound calls. By combining traditional cloud telephony functionality such as IVRs, auto attendant, call queues and hold music with a visual interface and resource allocation tool, it allows colleagues and managers to easily monitor and manage both call volumes and flows.

It’s easy to set up, cost-effective and fully cloud-based, as well as having the ability to integrate into Microsoft Teams and your CRM solution, so you can make calling improvements fast and easily.

A simple and effective way to manage your teams’ calls

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Visual and easy to use
Instantly allocate team members to queues, schedule breaks and wrap-up times.

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Increased productivity
Monitor calls, resources and KPIs, improving people management and performance.

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Communicate and collaborate
Integrate cloud telephony, call management, your CRM and Microsoft Teams in one.

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Quick to scale
Add people as your teams grow and flex resource against call queues quickly and easily.

A cost-effective solution for where you don’t need a full contact centre.

  • For sales teams Allocate sales colleagues into free and busy time, schedule breaks for lunch and training, set wrap-up time to complete sales admin and view call analytics to ensure they’re hitting KPIs. Sales managers can see at-a-glance their most proactive and responsive salespeople and overall team calling performance.
  • For customer service teams Colleagues and managers can proactively manage customer journeys with full control of IVRs, call queues and flows, ensuring every customer gets a great experience. Easy-to-use dashboards enable every service team and manager to see how they’re performing and ensure compliance against goals and SLAs.
  • For technical support teams Book staffing time to answer front-line calls and build in time to manage off-line tickets in accordance with ticket schedules and SLAs. Managers can see queue volumes, abandoned calls and time to answer across every queue.
  • For other teams supporting customer calls Medical lines, charity donation lines, customer care centres, manufacturers with fault lines, hospitality booking and flight centres are a few examples of non-traditional call centres where colleagues would benefit from Call Manager Plus.
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“Using Call Manager Plus is so easy to use and gives us all the data we need to improve our customer service and satisfaction. Once we tried it, we had to roll it out to the whole company. I could not recommend Windsor Telecom more for their support and service.”

– Allan Ferguson, Service Manager

Everything Call Manager Plus has to offer

Call centre agent

Be customer focused

Queue management
Control your inbound call queues and flows in real-time routing to the right user quickly.

Call recording
Record and store to every call for training or regulatory purposes.

Full visibility
See and improve how your team members manage their business calls.

Integrated with your cloud telephony for seamless experience.

Call Manager plus reporting

Manage your team

Real-time analytics & reporting
Understand your call volumes, team capacity and key performance metrics.

Visually represent your call activity to the business.

Management portal
Monitor employee performance across multiple teams ensuring they’re readily available to answer calls.

User control app
Team members can view their own analytics, control their availability and set wrap-up time between calls.

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Additional expansions

Call recording 
Retain and access every call you’ve made and received for a 12 month period.

Microsoft Teams integration
Route phone calls through Microsoft Teams to give teams a single platform to handle all their calls.

International calling bundles 
Let your teams reach further by calling outside of the UK.

Customised reporting and CRM integration
Personalise the data you see on a custom dashboard built for your business needs, and work with us to integrate your CRM to maximise your calling experience.

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A scalable call management solution for a fast-growing online retailer.

Follow the journey of how we helped an online retailer scale their technology as a result of exceptional growth. From removing a legacy PBX phone system and implementing a modern, cloud-based telephone system with intelligent call management software and enabling the ability for staff to work remotely.

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Call centre product sheet

One provider for your customer service needs

For small businesses with a need for scalable call handling functionality and easy onboarding, we’ll implement a call management solution to optimise your business communications.

Take a look through our Call Manager Plus product sheet in your own time and share it with your colleagues. If you have any queries, from how this solution could help your team to pricing, get in touch.

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