Microsoft Teams Calling

Bringing collaboration and calling together

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Microsoft Teams Calling:
Bringing collaboration and communication together

By integrating Microsoft Teams into either existing or new SIP or PBX telephony you can gain the immediate benefits of:

Port your number form

Integrated functionality

Collaboration and calling in one place

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Cost-effective calling

Take advantage of existing telephony investment

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Easy experience

Work on one device, anywhere at anytime

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Future proof

Flexible and scalable for any business

What are my options for Microsoft Teams Calling?

The in-built functionality for Microsoft Teams Calling is basic and needs to be coupled with Microsoft Calling Plans which many companies find cost prohibitive. So, most companies choose to route Microsoft Teams either through a Cloud PBX platform or SIP. There are benefits for each as you can see below.

PBX Integration

Integrating with your cloud or on-premise PBX gives you full capabilities of calling and contact features, combined with Teams’ collaboration suite, making it a flexible and future-proof solution for unified communications.


Directing routing with SIP

For businesses with simple needs but relatively high call volumes, adding SIP gives a scalable and cost-effective solution along with enhanced call control features.


Why work with Windsor Telecom for Microsoft Teams Calling?

Adding calling functionality to Microsoft Teams makes it easier for your colleagues to be productive through their days, giving them one system to use for most of their tasks.

And we make it easy for you by providing a range of set up and integration options so you can connect Teams to almost any platform or service:

  • One collaboration tool With Direct Routing added, Teams becomes a single solution for chat, sharing, calls and meetings.  
  • Managed onboarding We will work with you to design your new phone system to cater exactly to your businesses needs.
  • Flexible call plans We have a range of bundled minutes packages to suit your business needs, big or small.
  • Always up to date Both Microsoft and Windsor Telecom are committed to providing regular updates so your cloud services are always future proofed.
  • Devices Use Teams Calling on any device with its inbuilt softphone, or if you prefer a handset – we can advise you on compatible handsets and headsets.
  • An easy and enjoyable solution With calling added, Microsoft Teams becomes the single solution for chat, calls, presence, video, meetings and more – from any device and location.