Meet the Team

Our people are our greatest asset

Hello. We’re Windsor Telecom.

We’re a team of around 50 talented and friendly professionals, all with a common goal: to make technology easy and enjoyable.
We can’t introduce you to everyone here, but do enjoy meeting our exec team below.


Our executive team

Pete Tomlinson

Pete Tomlinson

Chief Executive Officer

Always thrilled to find new ways to help people connect, communicate and collaborate.

Anthony Lacey

Anthony Lacey

Chief Operations Officer

Here to ensure you always have a fantastic customer experience.
David White

David White

Chief Finanical Officer

Increasing our business and customer value through growing in partnership.

Our team of passionate people

There’s one thing that holds the Windsor team together: the passion we have for our customers. That’s why we all work so hard to provide them with the very best service, every single day. From the moment that first enquiry comes in we’re keen to get to know them as people, to understand the intricacies and challenges of their day to day so we can guide and help them in the right solutions that will make their days easier. And every single one of our team, whether they’re an account manager, customer service adviser, accounts assistant or digital exec, absolutely has that in their hearts.

We’re all proud to be Windsor.