How hosted VoIP is transforming businesses

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We’ve mentioned previously the benefits of a Hosted VoIP solution. From improving your business’ customer service to boosting productivity, it’s clear why businesses across the UK are moving away from traditional ISDN lines and towards cloud-based, business VoIP phone systems.

Take into consideration the fact that BT will be phasing out all of their ISDN phone lines by 2025 and there’s no time like the present to make the switch.

As opposed to a traditional ISDN phone line, a hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) allows you to make phone calls over the internet. When someone calls your business phone number, the call is connected over the internet and passed through to your VoIP handset. This provides your business with a flexible solution that easily scales with the needs of your organisation – no need for installing costly phone lines.

With all this in mind, discover how hosted VoIP is transforming businesses:

Improved call answer times

PC Data is a leading software development company based in Hull that is rapidly expanding with five additional site offices. As a result of their growth, the business found that their existing PBX system could no longer provide the flexibility required within a busy office environment – especially within their customer service call centre.

The system also did not allow for any routing and diverting of incoming calls, leading to long call answering times, high customer waiting times and no priority for incoming calls. The solution was clear, PC Data required a hosted VoIP solution that could allow for easy call routing, virtual extensions at no extra cost, and the ability to answer calls from anywhere.

Coupled with an expert call plan, which allowed PC Data to manage customer queries more effectively and efficiently, the business reduced their average call answer time to under one minute – receiving praise from customers in the speed in which they now answer calls.

Learn more about how PC Data transformed how they manage incoming calls

Reduced costs

Connecting calls over the internet provide a significant reduction in telephone bills, with one study finding that the average costs of hosted VoIP are just $25 (around £19), compared to $50 (around £40) for landlines. Some businesses have been able to save as much as 75% when making the switch from landline to hosted VoIP.

A comparison between a hosted VoIP provider against a traditional phone service operator by found that businesses could save as much as £950 per phone line over a two year period. This is due to hosted VoIP plans having a lower monthly cost than traditional providers; with Windsor Telecom’s hosted VoIP solution available from as low as £20 per user per month.

For larger organisations, the cost saving benefits of a hosted VoIP solution are even greater, with Dell able to save £31.8 million by choosing a Hosted VoIP system that allowed their employees to communicate across global office locations via the internet.

Greater flexibility

Moving business locations has traditionally been a major headache for office managers, especially due to the installation of new phone lines and costly on-site infrastructure required to make calls via ISDN.

However, with a hosted VoIP solution, you can relax, as the system does not require multiple phone lines, as all calls are delivered via the internet. Without the need for new phone lines, you can easily get your business’ communications up and running.

With a business VoIP solution, you can increase the number of phones, extensions and locations as your business grows. Vitally important for businesses that operate seasonally, with business owners achieving the majority of their revenue — upward of 70% — in only a few months of the year.

During these peak business times, a hosted VoIP system can provide a flexible, cost-effective solution that ensures that your business only uses as many lines as it needs at any given time.

Hosted VoIP with Windsor Telecom

We’ve been helping businesses talk to their customers for twenty years, ensuring that they benefit from communication solutions that boost productivity, efficiency, and (most importantly) their bottom line.

Whether you’re looking to make the move from an ISDN fixed line or simply looking to move to a new supplier, we’re perfectly placed to give you all the support you need. To find out more about hosted VoIP, get in touch with one of our expert team below.