4 reasons to choose VoIP for business

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Effective, flexible, high-performance communications systems are now critical to every business and VoIP for Business is one of them. In fact, the adoption of business VoIP phone systems is on the rise and looks set to keep on growing with a predicted 9.8% growth in the next four years.

Lowering costs is not the only driver for the rise, check out these 4 reasons why you should choose VoIP.


Business continuity

If you ever have to deal with a disaster whether it’s a flood, fire or power cut at the office, your VoIP business system will be secure as it will be hosted outside of your premises, in the cloud. This means your phones will function as normal without affecting you or your customers. You’ll be able to divert all incoming calls to an alternative number.

Flexible working

Flexible and remote working is ever increasing, and businesses need to be able to adapt and allow employees to be connected to the business, wherever they are. Gone are the days when a customer can’t talk to an employee because they’re travelling. Having a virtual phone number allocated to each employee means all calls will be forwarded to their mobile. They’ll appear as if they are sitting in the office.


Previously, businesses had constraints of hard-drive space and memory when trying to grow, with VoIP, as it’s hosted in the cloud these constraints do not exist as there’s no physical infrastructure. By removing these constraints, you can react faster to changing needs within the business ensuring your operations are working at the highest level.


With hosted Cloud communications, you’re always upgraded to the latest technology. Helping you stay competitive and at the forefront of business communication developments.

Moving over to a VoIP solution can help your business to unleash its full potential and deliver tangible business benefits. Business VoIP phone systems offers higher productivity and responsiveness, as well as improving staff collaboration, lower security risks and lower operational costs.

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