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PC Data

PC Data


PC Data is a leading software development company, specialising in bespoke business solutions, based in Hull with 5 additional site offices. The company had grown substantially and required a solution to assist in managing their call centre customer service levels.


Darren Wardill, Support Manager of PC Data, found that their existing traditional PBX could no longer assist their business as a result of their rapid growth. They had employed more staff to assist with the larger volume of incoming customer service calls and it became costly to make any adjustments to the traditional system. The system also did not allow for any routing and diverting of incoming calls which affected their customer service levels. Calls were taking too long to answer, waiting times were too high and there was no priority on incoming calls.

Solutions and results

We supplied PC Data with a Hosted Voice solution which allowed all their employees to communicate efficiently across all 6 sites. A cloud-based telephony solution supported PC Data to manage their calls effectively and have less overheads on their IP system compared to their current system.

We set up a call plan which allowed them to manage customer queries more effectively and efficiently by reducing their average call answer time to under 1 minute. They were regularly getting complaints that customers were on hold for over half an hour. They now receive compliments on the speed in which they answer calls.

With their Akixi wallboard, they can monitor real-time agent activity ensuring all team members are always working to their optimum. Being able to see if agents are available, allows management to assign different calls to the most suitable agent ensuring premium customer service. The reports available within the system, allowed them to see peaks and troughs in call activity and man the team accordingly. Their unreturned call list report ensures that no customer call is missed. Once the agent returns the customer’s call, it is removed from the list automatically.

They implemented call recording to ensure the best customer service levels are always met and to better understand their customers’ experience when dealing with their call centre. All of functionality is completely customisable and easy for them to change themselves online through the portal.


“The setup was easy and fast. Kat at Windsor was extremely helpful at every stage. It has helped massively with the structure and organisation of the support desk, not only with time management, but monitoring agents’ activities resulting in a much better experience for our customers. We continue to use the system to its potential and use the reporting tools within Akixi.”

Darren Wardill, Support Manager

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