How to boost productivity with a business VoIP solution

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Due to its reliability and flexibility, VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) systems are fast becoming the number one choice for businesses. Rather than relying on a traditional ISDN phone line, a business VoIP solution allows you to make phone calls over the internet.

Without the need to purchase on-site hardware, and with the fact that business VoIP solutions are often charged per user per month, a VoIP phone system could prove to be a cost-effective solution for your business.

However, business VoIP phone systems can not only save you money, but help make it. Here’s how:

Better customer service

With phone calls made over the internet, a business VoIP solution allows your business to be ‘always on’ whether they’re working from home, or in the office. 50% of the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely by 2020, a VoIP for Business system provides your business the flexibility to answer calls from anywhere across the globe.

With advanced call features such as a shared voicemail inbox, and automatic call forwarding, you can ensure that your employees are always available to interact with clients wherever they are.

Increased accessibility

A recent study from Cardiff University suggests that employees who work remotely are more likely to work extra hours and put extra effort into doing their jobs than their office-based colleagues. However, being out of the office can lead to many remote workers feeling isolated from the company, and, if they don’t have the right tools to work productively, this can lead to demotivation.

A business VoIP solution can help bridge this gap, helping to ensure that remote workers have access to the information they need around the clock. With greater accessibility, a business VoIP solution allows for greater connectivity between employees and the company, boosting worker morale and, by extension, productivity.

Better communications

With remote workers often having both an office phone and a mobile phone, they will often have to use two separate voicemail inboxes. This can lead to less productivity and increase the chances of errors taking place due to the greater time needed to sort and retrieve messages from both devices.

A business VoIP solution helps to eliminate this issue, providing workers with a single mailbox. This helps to make sure that customer communications are not lost, and wires are not crossed when communications are not stored on two separate devices.

Greater insight

A business VoIP solution can provide your organisation with greater business insight and the ability to manage workloads with sophisticated call handling technology.

Windsor Telecom’s VoIP for Business solution comes with built-in call analytics, giving you real-time access to inbound call information via the web. Discover more benefits to choosing a VoIP for business solution.

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