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“It’ll never happen to me” is a phrase that’s commonly used when people talk about their own business. Disaster can strike at any time and whether you have full control or not, things can happen that can result in chaos, completely changing your day – often for the worse. Any business owner knows that they need to be prepared for any situation but despite many relying on technology and phone systems not everyone is prepared. A disaster recovery phone system can help you to keep your business continuity on track and your customer’s none the wiser or at least, handled with care.

What happens when it all goes wrong though? The cost could be exponential.

You have a lot to lose – the cost to the business

A missed call means missed business. If you don’t have a disaster recovery phone system in place, then there’s no doubt that at some point you’ll be stung financially when it all goes wrong.

The average cost of a missed call in the UK is estimated to be around £43, this only takes into consideration the cost from an inbound sale and doesn’t take into account the impact of lost time. If your phone system was down for a few hours then the cost to your business could easily run into the thousands. Could you afford to miss out on that?

Minor issues can cause big problems

When we think about the word disaster it often conjures up thoughts of dramatic incidents, falling buildings and all-around catastrophe. It doesn’t need to be a large scale event for your business to suffer though. Half an hour of downtime can cause substantial damage without disaster recovery and as we mentioned above, a missed call is costly, so even if you feel you haven’t lost much time, the reality is likely to be different.

Protect your brand

Even smaller issues can cause big problems for your business not just in monetary terms but also for your brand. A customer calling to make a change to their account who is suddenly informed there’s a technical issue isn’t going to be too happy, and when twice as many people tell their friends about bad service compared to good service, you can’t take any risks. With simple disaster recovery options that enable you to instantly route your customers from one office to another at the touch of a button, you can mitigate any risk to your brand and maintain your customer service levels with ease. So why take the risk?

How to protect your company with a disaster recovery plan

It might seem like a rarity but actual disasters – whether they be natural, hardware-based or just human error – are often out of your control.

When it happens you need to make sure that you’re with a company that understands the real dangers of such a situation and can assist you in minimising and eliminating the potential damage to your company. With Windsor Telecom’s experience and intuitive know-how at how to combat disaster recovery, you can be sure that even if the worst happens, you’ll still be able to get on with the day job with minimal impact to you and your customers.

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