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Functionality and features to make managing your inbound calls easier

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Call handling features to make your customers love calling you and you love answering

Give your customers and teams the best possible experience by using the wide range of call handling features that come included with every Windsor business number. Not only will you provide a great calling experience for your customers, but your internal teams will be better equipped to answer those calls, measure success and identify areas for improvement.

We’ll provide you with access to our online, user-friendly portal which puts you in control of all these features while also giving you access to call statistics, dashboards and more.

Here’s an overview of the features you’ll get with our business numbers:

Audio whisper

Know who’s calling and why before the conversation starts.

Call statistics

In-depth analysis of call data such as duration, missed calls and average pick up times.

Virtual switchboard

Connect every call seamlessly to the right place without fuss.

Call recording

Capture calls to review later for training or regulatory needs.

Hunt groups

Divert calls to multiple numbers at once, either teams or individuals.

Call barring

Block nuisance and unwanted calls from taking up your time and focus on those who you want to talk to.

Voicemail to email

Capture voicemails as MP3 messages and listen instantly through email.

Hold music for business

Reassure customers that you’re still on the line with business-appropriate hold music.

Multi divert

Send a call through to multiple people to ensure it gets answered quickly.

Disaster recovery

Quickly and easily divert your numbers if the unexpected happens.

Call routing

Create even the most sophisticated call routes with ease, quickly and efficiently.

Bespoke inbound solutions

If you need call tech that’s specific to your requirements then why not tell us what you need. Our in-house team can build a bespoke solution that is truly unique and will help you to achieve your business goals, no matter what they are.

call answering service

Call answering service

Have you ever missed an important call because you were away from your phone, in a meeting or busy with a client? With Windsor Telecom’s call answering service you will never miss a call again.

We provide a dedicated virtual receptionist to professionally answer your calls, any time day or night. They will take a message, book an appointment or schedule a call for you, and email or text you the message based on your business requirements.

Windsor Telecom helps us to understand how to be more efficient when it comes to our calls. They identify calls we miss, calls that overspill, calls we lose, the duration of our calls and their patterns. It helps us to be better organised.”

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My Windsor Portal

Our online management portal

We love creating solutions that our customers enjoy using. So we’ve developed our easy-to-use portal with that in mind. It allows you to make changes to your inbound call management quickly and easily, as and when you need to. It has a simple interface that provides you with all our fantastic call handling options and enables you to manage your whole number estate in one place.

Never before have you been able to tailor your customer’s inbound journey as easily and efficiently. Now you can re-route calls at a moment’s notice, change hunt groups or diverts instantly.

Call handling

Get the right number for your business

Looking to get a great number that effortlessly combines with all this call technology? Then why not get a number that breathes new life into how customers contact you. Enjoy freephone, local or national number options that provide you with what your business needs in order to help encourage your customers to connect with you.

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