Disaster recovery situations that will affect your business

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After previously exploring two potential disaster recovery situations, we decided to look again at how a real event can negatively impact you and your business.  Don’t get caught out, especially if one of these situations arise:

1. Your Primary Internet Services Provider Experiences a Local Outage

Perhaps your internet provider experiences an outage in your area, cutting off your entire building from your hardline fast-speed internet that you rely on for all your cloud IP services.

Customers would get a dead signal for as long as the service was out and there would be no possible way to get those phone lines back until the service fixed their hardline problem or restored the signal to your office.

Of course, with unified communications, you have options.

Reroute phones to another office, go mobile and take calls there and recover from a disaster without your customers even knowing that it happened.


2. A Weekend Fire Guts Your Office Building

An accident with the microwave or a forgotten heater sparks a fire in an office building, gutting whole rooms and possibly the entire building. It might be recoverable with a few panels of drywall replaced or your entire building might be wrecked from top to bottom. This could spell utter disaster for a business with their files and phones hard-lined into the building. Everything would be gone or, at the very least, temporarily inaccessible while restoration services work.

But not your team. Your team could meet at the nearest shared working office, community centre, or even a coffee shop and start letting customers know what’s going on without leaving them in the dark. While you may need to source a new facility, your business can stay online and serving customers the entire time you work out the paperwork for a new office rental or temporary space to tide you over during fire restoration.


3. Your Entire Business Network is Infected with Ransomware

Let’s not forget the risk of viral malware. Ransomware is one of the worst types of malware on the internet because it not only encrypts and ransoms all the files it can find but also targets the entire network of an infected computer. You might come into work one day or halfway through the morning shift to see every one of your screens dramatically switch to a demand for bitcoins or you’ll never see your precious files again. Worse than encrypting your local files is cutting your team off from their networked phones to the customers.

Fortunately, you have planned your business around the cloud. Your files are safe on remote storage and all your software stores backups of projects and development on the cloud. Even better, your phones are also cloud-based. While IT wipes and restores your network, your team can pull out their laptops, connect to an uninfected mobile network and get back to taking calls without even leaving their desk. So much for a hacker’s terrorism.


Unified Communications – The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Tool

If your business is ready for phones that cannot be stopped by any kind of office disaster, it’s time to connect your team with a Unified Communications phone system. At Windsor Telecom, we don’t just provide online phones, we have built disaster recovery directly into the system. Come sleet, snow, flood, fire, service outages or devastating hacker attacks, nothing can cut you off from your customers for long. There is no need to worry about losing sales or the loyalty of your customer community because your team can connect from any device on any internet network.

Windsor Telecom’s cloud telephony will help your team to reconnect on tablets in a coffee shop if they had to and continue to answer customer calls from the exact same numbers with your customers’ none the wiser that anything has changed unless you choose to tell them. If you’re ready to upgrade, contact us today. Windsor Telecom is ready to connect you with the ideal plan for your business’ undisruptable cloud phone solution.