The step between PBX and Contact Centre

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In our two previous blogs we’ve looked at how you can focus on improving your customers’ experience levels and introduced you to Call Manager Plus, showing you how it will help you to handle your calls effectively.

In this blog we’re going to be discussing where Call Manager Plus fits in your business to help you become more effective while delivering an achievable ROI. Ultimately, we want you to see that our Cloud Telephony with Call Manager Plus solution does everything you need that a PBX cannot do, without costing as much as a standard contact centre would.

What is a hosted PBX?

Let’s start with a quick refresh. A hosted PBX (private branch exchange) is a multiline telephone system primarily used by businesses who need to be able to take multiple inbound calls and make multiple outbound calls all at once through a single phone line. You may already have one in your business.

A hosted PBX has several features that you would want for a team that regularly use the phone, but it may not have all the functionality for you to be able to see how the team is doing; how long customers are waiting to be spoken to or how many dials a team is making each day. These are just a few examples of information you need to know if you’re going to improve the overall service that your team is delivering.

You know that the PBX doesn’t do everything you need to, so what’s the next step? Your first thoughts or online research would suggest that you should invest in a contact centre solution.

Well that was easy. Let’s go find a contact centre…


The problem about going down the contact centre route is that you will likely end up with a lot of functionality that you don’t want and never use. Your teams are confused by the overcomplicated system and guess what… you have to pay a premium for it.

That simply doesn’t make sense.


Mama Mia!

Let’s imagine it in another way, how about you were going out for lunch and fancied a pizza. The restaurant you went to only served one pizza with every topping imaginable on it, and it was very expensive.

Not just all the meats and cheeses, but things like olives, anchovies and pineapple.

Whilst there might be one or two people out there that would love this pizza and eat it all, there are more that would pick off all the toppings they didn’t like (but have paid for) and discard them.

In real life, you wouldn’t order that pizza, you would go to a different restaurant and order the pizza with the toppings you actually wanted.

Call Manager Plus is that other restaurant that offers you just the toppings you want at the better price.

A cost-effective solution for where you don’t need a full contact centre

  • Queue management Control your call queues and flows in real-time routing to the right user quickly.
  • Call recording Record and store to every call for training or regulatory purposes.
  • Full visibility See and improve how your team members manage their calls.
  • Integration Integrated with your cloud telephony for seamless experience
  • Real-time analytics & reporting Understand your call volumes and team’s capacity.
  • Wallboards Visually represent your call activity to the business.
  • Management portal Monitor performance across multiple teams ensuring they’re readily available to answer calls.
  • User control app Team members can see their own analytics, control their availability and set wrap-up time between calls.

A simple and easy call management solution

You can see here that Call Manager Plus offers all the analytical tools and real-time reporting that can help you improve your team and improve your customer service, without the overcomplicated elements that most teams don’t need. You can find out more about Call Manager Plus, such as the easy way it integrates with Microsoft Teams, by following the link. Alternatively, contact one of our experts to start your conversation on how Call Manager Plus can help you improve your customer service.