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Choosing the right business phone number can have a significant impact on the number of inbound calls you receive, and ultimately your business’ ability to generate revenue via telecoms.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right business phone number. Discover the types of business phone numbers available, the benefits of utilising them, and who they’re suitable for:


0800 business phone number

What are 0800 business numbers?

A powerful marketing tool, 0800 numbers are completely free to call from any landline or mobile device. Not only does a memorable 0800 number make you stand out from your competitors, but it could also see your call enquiries soar.

To learn more about 0800 numbers, read our ultimate guide.


Why choose an 0800 number?

  • First Choice – 85% of customers will choose to call 0800 numbers first, setting you ahead of your competitors from the very beginning.
  • Nationwide Appeal – 0800 numbers give near instant nationwide appeal, forgoing local dialing codes, allowing you to enter in to new locations easily
  • Rich Data – an 0800 number can be a fantastic tool for managing marketing campaigns – driving higher response volumes and allowing your business to gather valuable ROI data.

Who are 0800 numbers suitable for?

All businesses, big and small, can benefit from the nationwide appeal of a 0800 number. 0800 numbers have been found to increase call volumes by as much as 185% – something that is enticing for any business.


Local 01 / 02 numbers


What are local numbers?

Similar to your home landline, local phones numbers utilise 01 or 02 dial codes to provide the impression of being routed in a specific area, even if that’s not the case. Local business numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile meaning you can create a local presence without expensive additional overheads.

Discover more about how your business can generate a local presence with a 01 / 02 Phone Number.


Why choose a local number?


  • Boost Your Sales – win more business with a memorable 01 or 02 number that your customer recognises as local to them.
  • Improve Marketing – use your 01 or 02 number to give your advertising real clout, and stand out from your competitors with added local appeal.
  • Easily Recognisable – 01 or 02 numbers are a known entity and, with low cost-to-call rates, make it easier for your customer to make the decision to call.

Who are local numbers suitable for?

Depending on your marketing objectives, local phone number can be suitable for both SMEs and enterprise organisations. Local numbers can establish businesses within their location, growing new business with a number resonates with local customers. This makes it a fantastic option for small businesses, and those just starting out.

Large enterprise can also benefit from local numbers. For example, if launching a marketing campaign towards a Manchester audience, you could purchase a 0161 phone number to aid your potential customer’s decision to call.


0300 numbers

What are 0300 numbers?

0300 numbers are exclusively available to not-for-profit businesses and charitable organisations, making these numbers a confirmation of status for your customers and a badge-of-honour for you.

Calls made to a 0300 number are charged the same as a call to a standard 01 or 02 number, so not only can your organisation benefit from a nationally recognised number, but your donors won’t be off-put by high calling charges.


Why choose a 0300 number?

  • Publicly Trusted – nationally recognised as low-cost charity and not-for-profit numbers, an 030 number is trusted by the public across the UK.
  • Free For Mobile Customers – 030 numbers are free for mobile users with bundled minutes – that’s the majority of all mobile customers in the UK.
  • Increase Donations – with lower call charges, 0300 numbers make calling and donating more appealing.

Who are 0300 numbers suitable for?

0300 numbers are exclusively available to not-for-profit businesses and charitable organisations.

To learn more about the benefits of a 0300 number for your organisation, get in touch with one of our expert business phone number consultants.


National numbers (0333 numbers)

What are national numbers?

The longest standing, best-established business phone number range, national numbers show your customers that you are a professional business and give you instant nationwide recognition. Unlike 0800 numbers, national numbers are not free to call from any device – however, many mobile contracts include national numbers within their call bundles.

There are two national business phone numbers to choose from:

  • 0845 Numbers – traditional business phone number range
  • 033 Numbers – the latest of the non-geographic telephone number ranges


Why choose a national number?

  • Nationwide Appeal – don’t limit your business to your local area, a national number widens your sales catchment to the whole of the UK.
  • Professional – a national number provides can present your business to customers as a professional organisation; increasing trust.

Who are national numbers suitable for?

Any business can benefit from the national appeal that a 0845 or 0333 number provides for their organisation, with national numbers suiting companies large and small. National numbers can be a brilliant way for SMEs to improve perceptions around their brand, presenting an impressions to potential customers that they are a large organisation.

Discover more about 0333 numbers.

How Windsor Telecom can help

For 20 years, Windsor Telecom has been at the forefront of Inbound Telecoms – providing memorable numbers and world-class call handling services to businesses across the UK.

We have millions of memorable business phone numbers for you to choose from across every UK range – allowing you to find the best number for your business.