The Ultimate Guide to 0800 numbers

Completely free to call from any landline or mobile device, 0800 numbers are one of the most powerful marketing tools at a business’ disposal. Not only does a memorable 0800 number make you stand out from your competitors, but it could also see your call enquiries soar.

0800 numbers can help to increase your call volumes – by as much as 185% – vital to building a new customer base and essential for offering national appeal.

But, what are 0800 numbers? Find out in our ultimate guide!



What are 0800 numbers?

0800 numbers are UK non-geographic phone numbers that charge the receiver for a call, rather than the caller.

Before 0800 numbers, callers would first need to call an operator, and ask for the company by name. This did not provide the best customer experience, so, in 1985, BT introduced the 0800 number as a toll-free contact number.

Up until 1994, only BT could provide businesses with their own dedicated 0800 number, however, this was changed to allow any business to have their own dedicated free-to-call number. Nowadays they are now nationally recognised Freephone business numbers.


Are 0800 numbers free to call?

Yes, 0800 numbers are free to call from any device. Since 1st July 2015, all calls to a 0800 Number are free from a UK landline or mobile.

Previously, calls to 0800 numbers from a mobile would have been charged by most providers.

Who pays for calls from 0800 numbers?

You do. You bear the cost of incoming calls for all calls forwarded to your Landline, Mobile or Voicemail.

However, giving customers the gift of free calls has found to be of great benefit to businesses.

The Henley Research Centre found that 68% of people surveyed felt that companies who offered Freephone numbers cared more about their customers. This, in turn helps build relationships with customers, and ultimately greater brand loyalty.

How can my business benefit from 0800 numbers?

  • First Choice – 85% of customers will choose to call 0800 numbers first, setting you ahead of your competitors from the very beginning.
  • Rich Data – an 0800 number can be a fantastic tool for managing marketing campaigns – driving higher response volumes and allowing your business to gather valuable ROI data.
  • Save Time & Money – when relocating in the future, you can keep the same memorable number. There’s no need to reprint stationery or change expensive advertising artwork.
  • Nationwide Appeal – 0800 number give near instant nationwide appeal, forgoing local dialling codes, allowing you to enter in to new locations easily.

How can my business get an 0800 number?

Great question. Windsor Telecom offer the widest range of memorable 0800 numbers in the UK. Setting up an 0800 number is simple. Trusted by thousands of loyal customers, and rated as one of the top telecoms providers in the UK on Trustpilot, we have made a ‘red carpet’ customer promise that puts you first in everything that we do – 24/7, 365 days a year.

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