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What is a 0800 phone number?

For your business, it could mean happy, satisfied customers. An 0800 number is free for your customers to call from UK landlines and mobiles, helping you to attract more calls to your business. With an 0800 number, your customers are more likely to want to call you if it’s free.

Not only does a memorable 0800 number make you stand out from your competitors, you could also see your call enquiries soar. A freephone number can help increase your call volumes by as much as 185% – vital to building a new customer base and essential for offering national appeal.

There’s no need to wait to buy 0800 phone numbers, we have a large range of memorable 0800 numbers available to buy today and can have you set up in just a few hours.

Managing your 0800 numbers

When you buy our 0800 phone number bundles, not only will you get a memorable 0800 number to support your business, you also get access to our range of advanced call handling features. Never miss a call, easily manage your call volumes, gain access to in-depth call analytics and more.

Pebble - Stats

Call statistics

Gain a wealth of valuable business data through our comprehensive call statistics package. Track the ROI of your marketing and improve efficiencies in the way you answer calls and manage your customer experience.

Pebble - Call routing

Call routing

Route your phone number to any landline or mobile at the touch of a button. You can even set up ‘time of day’ routing to switch your calls over to a mobile or out-of-hours message.

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Disaster recovery

All our call packages have built-in disaster recovery in the event of a service failure or emergency. Reroute your calls even if your landline goes down; maintain customer confidence, whatever the situation.

How can an 0800 number help you business?

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Sales and marketing

An 0800 number can be a fantastic tool to support marketing campaigns by driving response volumes and gathering valuable ROI data.

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Memorable numbers

We have amazing opportunities to own instantly memorable 0800 numbers with almost unmatchable business value.

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Competitive advantage

85% of customers will choose to call an 0800 number first, setting you ahead of your competitors from the very beginning.

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Financial sense

Save time and money when you relocate in the future by keeping the same memorable number.

My Windsor Portal

Advanced call management features

Our advanced call management features gives you the tools to manage your calls from your customers to your business. Giving you the ability to effectively increase your inbound call volumes to increase profit, whilst also improving your customer experience.

Advanced call handling features come integrated with our online portal with every memorable number. Talk to us today about how to unleash this power into your business.

About call management

Communication better both ways

As the UK’s leading provider in business numbers we know what makes a great inbound calling experience. And as a provider of outbound cloud phone systems we’re in a unique position to be able to combine these two technologies for the ultimate calling experience, both ways.

Answer calls from various devices, record your inbound calls to improve service, enjoy in-depth call statistics to help you identify customer trends whilst also getting a number that comes with dedicated support and an account manager that helps you to get the most out of your 0800 business number.

About cloud-based phone systems

10 Top tips for buying a business phone number

A phone number can say a lot about your business. To help you in your quest to get it right, we’ve put together these 10 top tips.



Yes. Any UK business can buy a 0800 business number as they are recognised national business numbers that are free to call. Most business that like to put their customers first use 0800 numbers as they are not charged when calling your business.

Yes. We have a wide range of 0800 business numbers you can choose from. Get in touch today and we can help you find one that will best suit your needs. Our customers like to choose memorable ones so their customers find it easy to call them when they need to.

It’s very easy to get up and running. Get in touch and choose your 0800 number and the best plan for your business. You’ll be able to route calls from that number to an existing landline or mobile number immediately. No calls are lost during this time as there is no downtime. Your account manager will take you through the My Windsor portal where you can manage your own inbound communications online.

Yes. You bear the cost of incoming calls for all calls forwarded to your landline, mobile or voicemail. We offer a range of bundled plans to help you manage these costs.

No. Our 0800 Numbers work with your current telephone line and with all telephone systems. No extra hardware is necessary. Our 0800 number service is configured remotely, so there is no need for us to visit your offices.