Tech Tips: 5 ways to make customer communications easier

By Helena Belcher, CRO at Windsor Telecom

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In a world where everything is on demand and immediately available within a few clicks, your customers expect the same effortless experience when trying to communicate with you. As it stands consumer complaints have reached a new high in the UK. So, it’s absolutely vital that you provide a great customer experience to avoid being a part of the growing statistic.

Here’s a list of some simple tips to help your customers communicate with you effortlessly and your teams work together easily.


Ways to make customer communications easier

1. Anywhere, anytime.

Make it easy for everyone to communicate and share information regardless of location. Apps like Microsoft Teams are perfect for collaborating from anywhere on any device.


2. Seamless integration.

Make systems work together to solve customer queries. CRM screen-popping recognises customers’ incoming calls and takes you straight to their account.


3. Call stats and management.

Use call data to make sure you know when and how your customers contact you and the experience they get. Wallboards and live alerts can be great for team managers.


4. Talk through Teams.

Microsoft Teams can integrate with your phone system to create one place for all communications. It will increase productivity, flexibility and is super user-friendly.


5. Get an omnichannel view.

Customers don’t just want to call you, they want to email, chat, text and communicate through social. Bring it all together so you can see and respond to all customer interactions through one interface.


Whilst providing great customer experience is vital, It’s equally important that you work with the right technology provider that understands your exact needs and requirements, instead of trying to bolt on a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

We’ve worked with lots of businesses to help them better understand the way that their customers actually want to communicate with them, so we can provide the tailored solution for that seamless and effortless communication experience.

If you’d like to speak to us about how we can help with your customer communications then please get in touch and speak to one of our experts.