How to handle a customer complaint right from the start

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How to handle complaints right from the start

We live in the age of the consumer. Phrases like ‘the customer is king’ live truer now than they did before the age of unified communications and the internet. In the digital age, information spreads fast and that’s why when it comes to any type of customer dissatisfaction, SMEs need to act before it spirals out of control. Many SME owners often wonder how to handle complaints full stop, but it’s actually more about nursing the journey of the complaint and your handling of the situation that can help to bring a positive resolution for both your business and the customer.

How to handle complaints

As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, customers still like to call and that’s especially true when it comes to a serious complaint. While online services may allow for issues to be quickly brought-up, a customer who calls will need to be dealt with as soon as possible – they don’t want to be messed around further. If it’s not handled correctly, it may not only leave you with an unhappy customer but also result in damage to your brand’s reputation.

How can you handle that complaint correctly right from the start? Having a phone system that means they’ll be placed on hold or endure endless ringing while waiting for someone to answer will only exacerbate the situation.

Customers demand to know what’s happening – from a lengthy purchase through to a simple phone call, by incorporating call technology such as an intro message and a call queue, it means that your customers will know they’re through to the right place and never have to hear an engaged tone. Having a phone system that is constantly engaged or isn’t sufficient will only make the situation worse and cause further frustration for them. Having an advanced phone system that instantly sets expectations for your dissatisfied customers will immediately help and allow the customer to focus on their original issue rather than any that come up as a result of your communication inefficiencies – resulting in only having to handle one complaint rather than any additional ones about how you handled their phone call. This will then focus the call for both your business and the customers, meaning that you handle one issue, instead of several.

Making a complaint positive

By making the customer journey from complaint to phone call to then speaking to a customer service representative as smooth as possible, it gives your business the opportunity to quickly come to a resolution You shouldn’t just look to resolve the situation before moving on though, as a business, you need to see the complaint as an opportunity to improve the service that you provide. Perhaps the customer’s issue is one that others are having? If so, you’ll need to investigate and better handle complaints of the same nature moving forward, not only helping your customer but also future issues. Being proactive in resolving a complaint is always the best solution.

Finding the right service and solution to handle complaints

Windsor Telecom’s excellent Trustpilot rating shows that we’re a business that bucks the trend with a wealth of positive reviews from both our new and long-term customers – why not check it out for yourself? With this in mind, plus the knowledge that having a smooth customer journey during that initial call can help towards finding a resolution for a customer complaint, Windsor Telecom is your best port to not only provide your customers with a great telephone experience but also to give your business top-level customer service.

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