Does my business need a phone system?

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It’s important for your business to have a point of contact. In fact, according to Shopify, “… many customers still prefer phone calls for urgency and time-sensitive matters.” According to the same survey: “50% of customers will abandon a service because of a poor customer service experience.”

Your business can’t afford to leave your customers disengaged.

A business phone helps companies stay connected with your consumers and provide the foundation of good customer service (i.e. a live representative). Unfortunately, a lack of stable customer support can lead to a competitor getting your leads and potential conversion.


Top 5 reasons why my business needs a phone system

1. Customer service

Because a single bad customer service experience can lead to a 33% chance of your customer switching to a competitor, your business can’t do without a reliable phone system. An actual phone number will help you stay connected to your consumers and support the customer experience which will improve your sales. The right customer service network will help you build strong and loyal relationships. In fact, it’s less expensive to retain your current customers than to market or advertise for new ones. Telephony services provide a reliable customer service network for your business.


2. Boost product performance

When your business has unified communications your company can reduce its costs, take control of your outbound telecom needs and improve performance. Enjoy a phone line that’s compatible with the UK business market. Deliver improved data and establish a clear brand voice with the benefits of a professional telephony network. The more tasks your business can handle over the phone, the more productive your company will be.

3. Fit your business footprint

VoIP is a great way to tailor your phone system around your business. In fact, your employees can stay connected wherever they are which is an asset for small and midsize businesses, according to Forbes. Many customers associate the validity of your business brand with the performance of your phone system – so why take a risk?


4. Business demand

It’s important to have the right technical support system to solidify your business capabilities. VoIP provides professional inbound services allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of talking over the internet while avoiding the cost associated with the traditional phone system. With SIP Trunking, you can connect your voice and your data. Many businesses are using VoIP phone networks to keep up with the demands of cloud technology. The future of business requires you to upscale.

5. Cost-effective

Professionals like Windsor Telecom provide cloud solutions giving your business the opportunity to utilise many services that can benefit your bottom line. By combining all your services into one phone system, you can reduce your carbon footprint and the need for additional business services. Businesses are able to combine:

  • SMS Messages
  • Conference Calling
  • Cloud-Based Backup
  • File Storage
  • Personalised Answering Service
  • 24/7, 365-day Support Services

Why come to Windsor Telecom

At Windsor Telecom, we provide an advanced calling network that can improve the experience for your customers and employees. Today, your business needs a reliable network to stay competitive with other brands, retain your customers, and get adequate product or service conversions. Our brand is focused on world-class call handling and communication solutions. For over two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of inbound telecom. Become a part of a network providing improved performance, shared load, privacy, security, instant disaster recovery and we help you get your voice across the business network at Windsor Telecom.