How to be a global company but work locally with unified communications

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Mastering both internal and external communications are critical components of any successful organisation.

Being able to communicate with and capture customers from all over the world while also having a team staying in frequent contact is essential to winning and retaining business. In addition, having a unified communications platform not only helps you to establish communications to quickly resolve issues and proactively plan but also to strengthen existing communication options.

That’s why opting for a unified communications solution can help your organisation be a global company while working locally.

Windsor Telecom provides unified communications through Microsoft Teams and Teams Calling.


Video conferencing

One of the most important aspects of running a successful company is the ability to conduct meetings either between your team or between your team members and their clients. Team meetings are helpful because they allow your organisation to plan your strategy. Client meetings are equally important, as they allow you to communicate a project’s status with the client.

The only issue with holding these meetings? They can be difficult to schedule and coordinate, as that typically means getting everyone to a central location.

Enter the video conference: the easiest way to make all your meetings better.

The use of video conferencing can be a powerful ally in the battle against travel costs. Enabling your team to meet without being in the same physical location can cut down on travel expenses. It also makes meetings easier to schedule – you won’t have to worry about allowing time for travelling to and from a meeting space. The same goes for your client meetings – your client will have an easier time receiving an update when all they have to do is log in to a video teleconference as opposed to going to a physical conference room.

Using any video conferencing platform isn’t enough however, as not every function is necessarily intuitive to operate. The benefits of using Horizon Collaborate for your video conference needs include:

  • Easier scheduling: you’ll be able to see if your video conference room is available from your virtual office calendar.
  • Faster startup: when it’s time to start your meeting, you just need to click one button to begin.
  • Inclusiveness: you won’t need to leave out remote team members or anyone out of the office that particular day.
  • Productivity: Horizon Collaborate features an integrated suite of tools that help increase productivity. You can share content such as spreadsheets or presentations. HD voice and HD video captures every sound and sight your meeting participants create. Multiparty chat sessions allow you to ask questions or conduct polls without interrupting the meeting flow.

Instant messaging

Many organisations tend to use email as a “catch-all” substitute for lots of different functions like file storage and daily communication. This can be dangerous – if your inbox is cluttered, you may lose an important piece of information under mounds of incoming messages.

That’s why instant messaging is such a powerful tool in your organisation’s unified communications toolbox. The benefit of instant messaging is that it allows for fast real-time communication no matter where your workforce is based. Your team can work in the same building, remotely from home, or in an office in another city and it doesn’t matter. You’ll still have the same connectivity, able to receive updates from your team at a moment’s notice.

For example: let’s say an issue with one of your clients comes to the attention of one of your team members. In a traditional office setting, you may need to wait for the employee to either schedule an appointment with you or leave a voicemail giving you the news. You may even receive it via email and have the update buried in your inbox.

With instant messaging through Horizon Collaborate, you avoid all that. You’ll have issues escalated to your attention as soon as possible for immediate action.

Mobile communications

The number of times your team is going to be in the same place is most likely small. Your team members may be on the go often – meeting with existing clients, meeting with potential new clients, or collaborating with other vendors who can help you win or retain new business.

When your team itself is mobile, there’s no better mechanism for communication than a mobile device. Horizon Collaborate also gives you the option to add and improve your unified communications experience through mobile communications. By staying connected through your mobile devices, you’ll always be able to get in touch even when you’re not parked at a desk.

The biggest advantage of Horizon Collaborate’s mobile functions is the ability to make your mobile devices “meeting ready.” You’ll eliminate common pain points associated with using mobile devices, strengthening your team’s ability to communicate.

Improve your security

Cyber threats have never been greater. Whether it’s phishing, ransomware, malware, or any other type of nefarious software looking to hack into your devices or systems, it’s never been more important – or more difficult – to keep your IT systems secure.

That’s why simplifying your IT platforms helps to consolidate the security measures you must take. By opting for unified communications, you can avoid having to set up multiple security protocols which increase the reliability of your systems as they’re all operated within one connected platform. This makes security a lot less complicated.

It also means that if a customer experiences an issue, you won’t have to waste time contacting multiple providers to make a change or act on a customer request. Horizon Collaborate allows you to streamline your troubleshooting process.


Using unified communications through Horizon Collaborate from Windsor Telecom allows you to be a global company with all the benefits of a local one. You’ll be able to give your customers halfway across the world the same great service you would if you were their next door neighbour.

Adopting unified communications offers the following benefits to help you boost your organisation’s productivity:

  • Improving the overall workplace experience.
  • Streamlining your team’s IT operations.
  • Reducing business costs and complexity.
  • Attracting the next generation of top candidates.
  • Boosting business agility.

Horizon Collaborate gives your large company a personal touch and connection usually reserved for smaller ones. You’ll never have to sacrifice the ability to make a connection or the ability to provide first-rate customer service.

To discuss how unified communications can work for your business, call us: 0800 160 1111 and let one of our experts get in touch with you directly.