5 Amazing memorable 0800 number examples

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One of the most powerful marketing tools at a business’ disposal is that 0800 numbers are completely free to call from any landline or mobile device. As well as setting you apart from your competitors, a memorable 0800 number can also see your call enquiries soar.
It couldn’t be easier to pick your memorable 0800 number, with a wealth of numbers available to purchase! So, why not follow these companies in choosing a 0800 number that’s memorable, easy to call, and in keeping with their brand?

Hastings Insurance – 0800 00 10 66

The jingle that was stuck in our head for many a month, Hastings Insurance pulled it out of the bag when choosing their memorable 0800 number. Not only providing customers with the gift of free calls, they choose a number relevant to their brand name, making it even easier for customers to remember!

Ghostbusters – 0800 222 99 11

You might know who you’re going to call, but do you know what number to call them on? Well, with special phones boxes popping up all over the UK prior to the remake’s 2016 release, now you do. An excellent way to increase engagement and awareness for their upcoming movie, Sony’s marketing team should be applauded for their memorable number choice.

Sadly the number is no longer in use, but if you were lucky enough to have called it, you would have spoken to none other than A-list star Chris Hemsworth – not every day you speak to a celebrity!


With a push to make 0800 numbers free on 24 month plans, mobile provider Three launched a series of numbers to celebrate the full breadth of the telephonic landscape. Ranging from the wacky Singing Dictionary Line (0800 808 5883) to the soothing 24 Hour Lullaby Line (0800 011 9865), Three’s campaign successfully showed customers that any business can benefit from an 0800 number.

Sadly, the numbers are no longer in use, but demand for a 24 Hour Compliment Line (0800 808 5602) remains high!

People’s postcode lottery – 0800 1234 567

The People’s Postcode Lottery are one of the largest private charity donors in the world, supporting more than 60 good causes to do amazing work every day. However, the firm must have felt they’d gotten their own ‘golden ticket’ when choosing their memorable 0800 number.

It doesn’t get easier to remember than 0800 123 4567 – making it as easy as possible for people to play the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Windsor Telecom – 0800 160 1111

An 0800 number that could transform your business. Don’t believe us? Give it a call, and find out how you could see your call enquiries soar.

With the widest range of memorable phone numbers in the UK, we can help you choose the right number for your business.

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