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Xelion was founded in Dutch,hosted telephony provider who is challenging the market by moving beyond phone calls into full unified comms and contact centre. Founded in 1988, their Xelion cloud-based telephony solution was developed in 2012 to optimise the efficiency and performance of business communication. And in 2016, Xelion entered the UK market.
Xelion is simple to use platform that’s accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, businesses will both be able to improve the standard of communication across their business, and also be able to streamline communication into one central platform,all inclusive in one license. Xelion comes with flexible features and an intuitive interface, with monthly upgrades and integrations with third-party systems such as Microsoft 365, Power BI, popular CRM packages and many other applications.

Here are 8 reasons why we believe Xelion beats most other VoIP providers on the market – and why you really need to see it for yourself

1. Get everything for one price

Xelion has everything included, for one price. No hidden bolt-ons or extra charges. Every feature and upgrade is included as standard so every user can take advantage of all the great functionality the system has to offer. And each user can have as many devices as they need to be able to manage their calls – there are desktop and mobile apps included to make everyone’s always easy to reach.

2. Use Microsoft 365 seamlessly

Xelion and Microsoft work effortlessly together. Your Outlook Calendar and Contacts will be immediately available giving you easy access and management of your day-to-day while you’re working in Xelion. Combine this with Teams integration which gives full presence awareness, advising colleagues of your availability to receive calls or messages, and you’ll understand why productivity can soar for teams using Xelion as their cloud phone solution.

3. Expand your contact channels to WhatsApp and SMS

Gone are the days where customer communication is limited to phone calls and emails. The ability to receive and make contact through SMS and WhatsApp is normally the place of expensive contact centres, but Xelion includes this capability as part of the standard licence. WhatsApp and SMS opens up communications for a whole new generation of customers, all in the one system, making it easy for you to track customer conversations all in one place, whatever the channel. With SMS and Whatsapp, Xelion brings chat integration soon which makes communication channels future-proof.

4. Answer every call, everywhere

Modern ways of working mean we now need to be able to answer calls wherever we are – in the office, at home, on the move. Xelion mobile and Desktop apps will give you the same control over your communications as you have when sitting at your desk in the office. The Mobile and Desktop apps are both compatible with all the inclusive features including wallboards, contacts, call recording, transfer and conference.

5. Make life easy with an active directory

Xelion has incorporated Active Directory as a standard connection within the system making it easy for your teams to manage users without adding lot of weight on your technical teams. With one username, IT can add a new starter, they appear automatically on Xelion. Plus, the global address book across all devices and apps makes contacting customers simple and easy to manage.

6. Measure calls and performance in real-time

Most phone systems have reporting. But not many phone systems come with a dashboard as clear and organised as Xelion’s. Select your own reports to make up a personalised view to monitor call traffic as well as colleague and team performance in real-time. It doesn’t matter where people are working, statistics are visible for everyone, working everywhere so you can be sure performance never dips.

7. Up your customer experience game

We all know that customer experience is at the heart of every business. And the way we manage our customer communications is a huge part of that. At a practical level a lot of that comes down to the system processes we have in place for functions like call queuing, routing and forwarding, as making sure we can get the customer to the right person to answer their query quickly is key. And of course, helping the colleague is also crucial so things like call recording and live call listening are also essential tools for building effective customer service. Xelion has an easy-to-use self-management portal that helps businesses be in control of managing their own call flows and processes, making it much easier to manage high call volumes, improve the quality of customer interactions, and ensure that customers receive the assistance they need.

8. See all your customer data in one place

How difficult must it be to answer a call in one system and then have to swap and change between systems to find the necessary data to firstly validate the customer is who they say they are, and then find the information necessary to help them. That’s why Xelion has committed to integrating with almost any CRM , with screen pop and click to dial included as standard for any cloud CRM. If you’re looking for the holy grail of being able to work in a single pane of glass for customer data, then Xelion and Windsor have partnered with a CRM integration specialist who will work with you to fully integrate Xelion with your adopted CRM system.

The innovation within Xelion, as a Cloud Voice and unified communications solution, is previously unseen in the UK market. And it’s innovation we’re sure you want for your own organisation.

It’s a cloud telephony system we don’t want you to miss – book your demo today by emailing into hello@windsor-telecom.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 160 1111.