Xelion 8.3 update

The update enhances staff, admin and caller experiences.

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As one of the biggest names in cloud telephony, Xelion is constantly innovating to deliver new functions that help businesses communicate and collaborate even better.

As such, its new 8.3 update brings even more functionality to the table, enabling users to extract further value from an already cost-effective cloud telephony platform!

So, take a look at Xelion’s most recent update and the new features that enhance staff, admin and caller experiences.

Bespoke Auto-Attendant Messaging:

• Text-to-speech is added as a feature to the auto-attendant. Text for the auto-attendant can be typed into an input field and will be converted into speech via AI. (A text-to-speech licence is required to use this function.)

This new functionality is a potential game-changer for small businesses, enabling them to create a more engaging calling experience, where offers, operational updates and more, can all be highlighted to help keep callers informed and engaged throughout the calling journey.

New Presence Functionality and Customisations:

• Administrators can now make, change and delete presence statuses, as well as the option to create custom presence statuses, complete with bespoke names, icons and do-not-disturb functions.

• The order in which a user sees the presence statuses can be adjusted by Administrators, with the option to create rules for when presence statuses are set automatically, for example, during an appointment.

• Once Xelion is linked with Microsoft, administrators can match the presence statuses to the appropriate Microsoft statuses.

• Reports contain all active presence statuses.

• Two of the seven standard presence statuses (‘short absence’ and ‘long absence’) can be deactivated or removed. The other five of the seven standard presence statuses can be deactivated, but not removed.

Combined, these updates enable teams to stay better informed as to when colleagues are free or busy, preventing missed calls and messages from delaying productivity.

Night Mode:

• The term ‘Night Mode’ has been changed to ‘Line Schedule’, fully replacing the ‘Work Schedule’ function as well.

• Any current work schedules will be copied to the Line schedule. When the work schedule and night mode contain the same day/time, the work schedule switch will be removed.

• Status and location can now also be set under the Line schedule switch/override times. If the location remains empty in the switch time, the location will not be updated. It will, therefore, not be emptied.

• Line schedule templates can be created that can be applied to multiple phone lines (Administration → Schedule templates)

After selecting the template, you can choose to copy the switch times or to synchronise to the template.

• Default exceptions can be created and applied to multiple phone lines (Administration → Schedule exceptions).

A default exception can be selected under ‘server settings’ to be applied to newly created connections.

Xelion’s new Line Schedule functions enable businesses that operate 24/7 to automatically switch between calling journeys depending on the time of day, for example, between business hours and out-of-hours, for more seamless and hands-off call management.

General Updates and Enhancements:

• Call Flip allows users to flip a call from their iOS or Android smartphone to another device.

• When a scheduled SMS message in the softphone is selected for editing, the user gets a dialogue asking to cancel the message. After confirmation, the SMS message reverts to draft status.

• A user’s active sessions are terminated when the user is deleted or deactivated, or when a user’s smartphone is deleted by the administrator.

• When a user logs out, the linked tokens are also removed.

• In the ‘calls per day of the week’ report, a column for Fallback has been added to surface which calls have ‘fallen back’.

• Inactive users are not visible in the presence list.

• Automatic status changes (online/offline) are logged in the logging table.

Call Flip makes it far simpler for calls to be switched between devices, providing a ‘one-click’ process for staff and a seamless experience for callers, who won’t even notice the call has switched!

Bug Fixes:

• Call recording files now stop when the conversation is put on hold.

• The call recordings of conversations transferred to a call queue (via an intermediate conversation) are available in the call report of the intermediate conversation.

All together, these updates and enhancements have made Xelion an even better and more intuitive system for users, while providing new options for businesses to educate callers and take ownership of the caller experience.

So, if you’re looking to update your telephony system, don’t hesitate to call our expert team on 0800 160 1111 to discuss whether Xelion is right for your business. And how the Windsor team delivers outstanding customer service and dedicated support!