Why Remote Working Will Put You Ahead Of The Competition

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Why remote working will put you ahead of the competition

Remote working has grown from being a buzz-term which evokes images of millennials in coffee shops with a laptop to an actual viable and in most cases, necessary business decision.

While years ago, new technology meant an expensive outlay on bulky hardware, regular maintenance and a need for costly repairs, these days it doesn’t cost a substantial amount to ensure that you’re up to date and able to take full advantage of the cloud solutions on offer. With unified communications readily available through the cloud, the time to embrace remote working as a way to increase productivity, cut costs and bring your team together is now. Especially when you consider that remote workers are now seen are more productive than in-house teams, a fact that’s hard to ignore when 30% of remote workers claim that they get more work done in less time.

Not only that but remote working has other advantages for a business.


Increase morale

For many, the worst part of the working day isn’t actually the work itself, instead, it’s the commute to and from work.  For those who endure the commute, whether it be on the train, road or even just walking down the street, it all adds to draining your productivity.

For remote workers, there’s no need to get ready for the commute, which means more well-rested employees who start the day focused and ready to work – rather than worrying about missing their train or concerned about the traffic going home.

Remote workers are happier and ready to attack the day from the off with a clear mind.


Easier to cut costs

Less people in the office means you don’t need all that office space, in fact, you might not even need an office at all and for many SME’s it’s a massive expenditure but one that, up until now, you couldn’t do without.

Embrace remote working and saying goodbye to the need for office space. Use cloud and unified communications to connect with your employees remotely and stay in touch on a consistent basis whilst saving substantially on all the costs it takes to run an office – an instant and immediate cost-saving exercise all possible thanks to remote working.


Be business agile

Ensure that your business won’t be caught off guard by wide-ranging changes within your industry whilst also being agile.

React to changing working conditions, customer requests and internal issues that need immediate attention with unified communications.   Don’t be concerned about where you or your staff are as they’ll have the ability to answer calls and respond to messages across multiple devices, no matter where they are.


Attract the best talent

With unified communications, you can open your business up to talent across the country, expanding your reach and eliminating location as a deciding factor in the hiring process.

Without unified communications, you’re restricted to recruiting staff from within your commuter boundary (typically no more than two hours away from the office) however, with unified communications, there’s no need to only hire in your area.  Hire the best talent from across the country and give your business the best possible opportunity to get the best ideas.


Embrace remote working

Remote working allows you to be flexible, attract the best talent, cut costs and increase staff morale. Assembling a great team and giving them the best possible environment will give you the ultimate chance of success.

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