When should an SME invest in a phone system?

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Growth is never easy, especially when running a business. Because of their size, SMEs can get away without having a phone system at first but when it comes to expansion, it’s difficult to move forward without one. The telecoms industry can be a minefield, especially if you’ve never needed it before. While you might know that you need to improve the way you interact with customers, the question is: when should an SME invest in a phone system? The answer will depend on your circumstances.

Your customers

Who are your customers? How do they interact with you? How do they want to talk to you? Do they have the appropriate communication channels to get in touch with you?

Whatever your answer is to those questions, as an SME you need to see if you can improve the journey for your customers. They won’t appreciate being kept on hold with no information on how their call is being handled, in fact, it’s likely to have an adverse effect on your brand reputation and the chance of a conversion. So as your calls grow, it’s worth looking at how you’re handling them and whether you can do better for not just you but your customers.


Your industry

The industry you’re in will also have a massive effect on whether the time is right to invest in a business phone system. For SMEs, you need to consider whether you’re in an industry that is rapidly expanding, like digital or service-based ones. If so, then have you considered how you might handle calls if your customer base grew exponentially? Could you handle it? Would it affect your customer service?

If tomorrow you took on double the amount of customers could you cope? If not, it’s best to be prepared rather than to fall flat – especially where customers are concerned.

Your products and services

What products and services do you sell? Is it more efficient for you to talk to your customer on a one-to-one basis? For most SMEs, this is the ideal situation as it allows you to get your story across.

Only you truly know the power and benefits that your products and services can bring to your target audience. While fancy words on your website and detailed emails can help, the power of verbal communication can’t be beaten. That’s why when you want to ensure that a customer is interested in what you offer, you have a wonderful opportunity to explain not just how great the item your selling is but also how it will directly improve their life.

If you think that having direct verbal communication with your customers will improve your conversion rate, then you’re an SME that would benefit from a business phone system.

Knowing who to trust with an SME phone system

Getting help from experts and people who have answered the questions you’re posing is vital to getting the solution that you want for your business. When it comes to the growth of your business, you want a company who has been there before, that knows what they’re doing and can help you get the most out of it.

With advanced call features, disaster recovery options and a history of excellent customer service, Windsor Telecom has already helped many SMEs broaden their horizons and achieve their goals and you can be next.

When should an SME invest in a phone system? Now.

Whether it’s an all-encompassing Unified Communications solution or a more simplified Inbound one with a memorable business number, Windsor Telecom is exactly what you need at this crucial stage of your business journey.

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