7 Signs you need a unified communications solution

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You’ve probably heard the term ‘unified communications’ before – but do you actually know what it means?

A unified communications solution integrates multiple communication methods throughout a business. These solutions are specialised phone systems designed to make communicating through phone calls, video conferencing, email, SMS, and fax a more streamlined process. An adequate unified communications solution will allow all of these means of communication to talk to each other.

7 Signs you need a unified communications solution

You’re managing multiple providers and platforms

If you’re stuck juggling numerous service providers and platforms for your organisation’s communications, you’re going to be well-served by implementing a unified communications solution.

It can be a struggle to stay on top of all of the invoices and different account managers that you rely on for day-to-day business; consolidating and leveraging a UC solution with just one provider can help streamline your process instantly – one invoice, one account manager, no worries.

You’re undergoing an acquisition or merger

Mergers and acquisitions frequently bring a little chaos with them. After going through one of these restructurings, it’s common for organised supplier lists to fall apart; usually, businesses wind up with multiple suppliers, providers, and platforms.

The cost to maintain all of these avenues of communication is significant. It’s worth reviewing your portfolio and converting to a UC solution that will bring everything together without being so expensive.

You’re stuck with a PBX or outdated software

Cloud-based telephones (SIP and VoIP) are going to become a must-have for any business once 2025 rolls around. Why? Traditional ISDN lines are being switched off. There isn’t much choice when it comes to going the way of the cloud, so you might as well do it efficiently. Implementing a UC solution allows your business to be more flexible and scalable, too.

Business and staff productivity are lacking

If you feel that your staff could be a little more productive, a UC solution can be a great way to boost morale and work efforts. A unified communications solution will help your staff work smarter. Home-workers or other members of staff who work remotely will benefit tremendously from innovative features that ensure they never miss a call.

You’re about to open or move to a new office space

These are golden opportunities to review, analyse, and revise your current communications solutions. If you’re looking to open a new office, the right UC solution will improve internal communications and make the move smoother. Collaboration and communication will become the new way to work thanks to employees having access to the same tools and features.

Lack of features, complex user experiences, and struggles to make changes are restricting work efforts

Most legacy contact centre solutions often times cap items and make completing work a chore – ever been restricted in how many calls you’re allowed to make? It doesn’t lead to a productive workplace.

A UC solution will put you in complete control of your phone system. More than that, it also comes complete with an extensive range of call handling and management features. With a unified communications solution in place, your staff will be able to work smarter and you’ll always be upgraded to the latest technology– and that makes it easy to remain competitive in the world of business communication developments.

Gaps are appearing in business continuity

If you’re starting to see cracks in your business continuity or disaster recovery plans (or even if you just think they could use some TLC), look into a UC solution. Unexpected events like snow, floods, strikes, and utility roadworks won’t disrupt your business if your communication plan is solid.

Due to the fact that a unified communications solution provides businesses with continuity features, your organisation will be able to carry on making and taking calls regardless of the circumstances.

Working with Windsor Telecom makes moving your telephone to a cloud-based, unified communications solution easy. You’ll be able to take your business to the next level through improving collaboration, boosting productivity & mobility, enhancing the customer experience and lowering operational costs.

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