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Benefits for small businesses

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Five important words to remember in business are the following:

“Communications are critical to success”


The ability to have multiple forms of communications in a single software is what makes UC (Unified Communications) technology a favourite with businesses, big or small as it brings with it huge benefits. Customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and network security are all advantages that businesses can utilise to simplify daily communication and processes.

Among the multiple technologies of unified communication, there are several benefits to be found in order to succeed. From the products and features to productivity and mobility, a unified solution can help any business grow.

How you can benefit from unified communications


Lower call costs

Free site-to-site calls, cheaper call rates, and if combined with business mobile services, you benefit from free calls between the office and mobile phones.

Full service and support

Most unified communications providers offer 24/7 UK based support.

Suitable for any size business

Small, large, or multiple sites.

Hosted in the cloud

Business continuity will allow businesses to continue operations in any emergency situation.

Easier controlled features

Extensive range of call handling, live reporting and management options.

Flexible working

Work from anywhere and still present a professional image with one business number across all devices.

Business travel

No longer worry about unexpected charges on your return.

Improved communication

Stay connected no matter where you go, ensuring excellent service levels.

Business mobile coverage

No consumer traffic during business hours clogging up the network ensuring you receive the best connectivity.


Switching to a Hosted VoIP and business mobile solution will help a business reduce devices in turn helping to maximise profitability. Each and every business is different, so being able to scale the solution to fit the business’s needs is important. Unified communications will enable a business with a complete office and mobile solution for employees, regardless of device or location.

By combining the flexibility of a mobile phone with all the features of Hosted VoIP, a business can be more productive, improve customer service , and control costs.

Across the telecom industry, the digital transformation is driving unified communications to provide simple, flexible, efficient solutions for businesses either just emerging or those who have been around for a while. A seamless connection allows companies to have a better relationship with their customers who expect the “Always on” service. In regards to remote working, which is statistically on the rise, unified communications helps to run offices and virtual employees with ease and inclusiveness.

“One of the biggest drivers of UC in the enterprise is the shift in working patterns that has overtaken many small businesses. The traditional office-based 9-5 routine is steadily being replaced by mobile working. In many ways, this is a self-sustaining trend: as communications technology improves, it makes home- and remote-working more realistic, which in turn drives more demand for the latest communications technologies – including UC. -Nigel Dunn, Managing Director of Jabra EMEA North”

Windsor Telecom has been in business for nearly 20 years. They deliver unified communications for all companies, no matter the size. Staying on the forefront of communication technology, Windsor Telecom prides themselves on giving their customers the best solution and service available. So why Windsor?

  • Multiple plans available for all business sizes.
  • Holds a 5-star rating for customer service from Trustpilot
  • Each account gets a dedicated account manager.
  • Fully managed service assisting you with setup and ongoing service every step of the way.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your business integrate a unified communications solution into your business and make your communications work for you.