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There’s a range of factors that are driving the trend of mobile working; including access to more reliable high-speed connectivity, an increased number of smart devices being used, how the demographics in the workplace, and employees’ expectations around work-life balance is changing.

However, too many businesses are failing to help their mobile workers to be as successful as they could be.

Being effective and productive away from the office is about more than having a smartphone and a laptop. It’s about having access to the right tools, the right information and the right contacts all in a format that meets the challenges of the mobile worker. Your business requires a unified communications solution.

The benefits of a unified communications solution

A unified communications solution enables mobile workers to be truly effective, equipping them with the right tools for the job. Empowering your employees with an effective, connected environment.

Here are a few key benefits that businesses enjoy when utilising a unified communications solution:

Seamless user experience

Businesses with a unified communications solution offer their employees a seamless communications experience across all channels, locations and devices. Whether on a desk phone, computer, or mobile, employees can benefit from seamless movement of calls between different devices – allowing them to never miss a call!

A unified communications solution can also be managed within a single interface, reducing the amount of time spent setting call forwarding and increasing the time your mobile workers can spend talking to colleagues and customers. A unified communications solution also allows for the automatic synchronisation of contacts and information across devices – no more scrolling devices looking for a contact number!

Comprehensive collaboration tools

Unified communications can empower your mobile workers, and increase collaboration with office-based colleagues thanks to persistent workspaces, which make it easy to communicate, share and assign tasks across a team, and the easy sharing and updating of files between colleagues.
This reduces delays and improves the output of not only your mobile workers, but office-based employees too.

Optimised for mobility

The productivity and motivation of mobile workers can be significantly enhanced with a unified communications solution – providing intuitive, easy-to-use, context-aware apps designed around their specific needs. This significantly reduces the time spent searching for information across different applications – increasing productivity.

Full fixed and mobile integration

Implementing a solution that offers full integration across fixed and mobile networks, which help to deliver a seamless user experience and lower your costs. Employees can benefit from a single number, which automatically routes calls to the right device. All locations and employees can be covered within a single dial plan, making a unified communications solution a cost-effective option for businesses with a high number of mobile workers.

Support for multiple identities

To ensure your customers are always treated professionally while also protecting your employees’ right to privacy and a work/life balance, a unified communications solution can support separate business and personal identities – enabling your workers to have a healthier work/life balance. Unified communications solutions support multiple personas for each employee, enabling different rules and call handling features to be applied, depending on the type of call.

This also provides employees the ability to present a business identity to a called contact even when calling from a personal device, as well as the ability to place business calls from a personal device without the employee bearing the cost.

Full visibility and control

To limit your risks, a unified communications solution can ensure you have full management visibility and control over how employees are sharing and storing company information. Providing your business with the safety and knowledge that their files and information will not be misplaced or hidden.

Unified communications solutions come with a centralised storage of contact data and other business information, minimising the risk of valuable information being lost when an employee leaves.

How we can help

It’s now time to unleash your full business potential. Transitioning to a truly mobile-enabled unified communications solution can help your business deliver tangible business benefits.

Windsor Telecom offer a range of business-grade unified communications solutions for all your business mobile and hosted telephony needs. Call us today, or fill in the contact form below, and find out about cloud telephony and Mobile Solutions we can offer you and your business.