Does the Rise of the Internet Spell the End of the humble phone call?

Absolutely not

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In recent years there has been a significant shift towards the amount of consumers browsing and making purchases online. In 2015 alone, 77% of internet users in the UK made a purchase online which might lead you think that the age of the phone call is coming to an end. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2016 Invoca published some powerful statistics that prove just how important the phone call still is to business. Did you know for example, that:

  • By 2020, there will be more than 169 billion mobile calls made from customers to businesses
  • 42% of people pick up the phone to call a business at least once a week
  • 65% of people would prefer to contact a business by phone whereas just 24% would opt to fill out an online form
  • 63% of people still complete a purchase offline, despite browsing the Internet first

The mobile market is key

Soaring mobile phone use means that everyone, even millennials, are making more phone calls than ever — mobile search is actually the number one call driver.

It’s not really surprising when you think about it — users are able to browse the Internet via their phone and make a call instantaneously, so it couldn’t be more convenient. The real proof though, is in the figures:

  • 48% of calls to business originate from mobile search (Compared to just 17% from desktop search).
  • 70% of people use the ‘call’ button displayed from a mobile ad.

This just goes to show that no matter how advanced and easy-to-use technology becomes, consumers still want the reassurance of a human voice on the end of the phone.

Now ask yourself, at a time where phone calls have more prominence than ever, is your business receiving as many calls as you’d expect? Perhaps you’re struggling to manage too many inbound calls and need a solution to help you balance the workload?

Whatever it is, we can help. At Windsor Telecom we’re experts in memorable business numbers and call handling technology and we’re here to help your business thrive.