The Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

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The benefits of Managed IT Solutions

If you’re a small or medium sized business owner (SME), there’s a good chance that you’re looking after your own IT and it’s just one of the many hats you wear. We understand that this can become increasingly stressful, expensive and time intensive. Trying to keep up with the latest technologies can become confusing and tedious. Not to mention the cost of new equipment springing up on you when you least expect it.At Windsor Telecom we can take all this stress away. Our Managed IT Solution is designed to be simple, cost effective and efficient. By migrating all facets of IT management over to our in-house IT support team, we take end-to-end responsibility for the support, maintenance and delivery of your IT systems. You can have peace of mind knowing that our fully staffed help desk is at the other end of the phone and happy to help you.

So what exactly are the benefits of managed IT solutions?



Reduced costs

We understand that for most SME’s the cost of hiring an in house IT team is out of budget. There are many different expenses associated with in house IT, such as training, maintenance, purchases etc. This means that it makes it quite difficult for companies to track and manage their finances. By outsourcing your IT, your finances will be more controlled, consistent and you won’t have as many unexpected expenses.

Decreased downtime

The cost of IT downtime is huge and it’s vital that companies have a proactive approach to getting their IT working again. IT downtime can range from faults with software and user accounts to network issues and internet connectivity. Outsourcing your IT to us means that we can fix downtime quickly and efficiently. We also monitor your IT which enables us to see issues happening and fix them before they materialise.

Human resources

Countless hours and expense can be spent managing your IT in house. This could be investigating and fixing issues, setting up accounts, purchasing new equipment and training. By allowing us to manage your IT, you are freeing up valuable human resources that can add more value elsewhere. Our IT support team can take the stress away by looking after every facet of your IT as well as being on hand for help and advice.

Skilled engineers

When you outsource your IT to us, you’re letting experienced and skilled engineers manage and maintain your IT infrastructure. Our engineers have dealt with a wide range of IT related tasks and with their collaborative wealth of experience, they can quickly locate issues and help users get up and running as soon as possible. No issue is considered too small and we’re always at the end of the phone for any issues that arise.Here at Windsor Telecom we tailor our Managed IT Solutions. We don’t offer a one solution fits all service. Instead, we will ensure that we understand your business requirements and build a solution that fits your needs.

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