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Users can now switch networks with one text

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A new change by Ofcom now means that users are able to change their mobile phone provider and switch networks through one simple text message.

The rule change, which came into effect on Monday, July 1st, now cuts out a lot of the red tape that consumers previously had to deal with when it came to switching from one network to another.

The previously cumbersome process saw many operators get into trouble with the regulator, with providers often hampering consumers from switching with relative ease or enforcing a premium rate number on customers in order to call and request their PAC code – which is needed in order to change. This PAC code can now be requested through a simple text message, allowing consumers to quickly and easily change networks in a matter of moments, with no hassle from their previous network provider or having to deal with a request for them to not change.

Under new guidelines, the new ‘text-to-switch’ process will mean that consumers text PAC to a number and then will receive their PAC number back within moments, which is then valid for 30 days – for businesses, the code can take up to two working days to arrive. This quick response means that switching to a new provider can be completed without talking to the old one. It’s quick, easy and gives consumers total control, which can only be a good thing.

Ofcom has also banned providers from charging for notice periods which run after the actual switch date, which the regulator believes could mean savings of up to £10m per year for consumers.

What is a PAC code?

A PAC Code is a simple multi-digit number that allows your new network provider to port your number across and are valid for 30 days. While previously you had to call your current operator, you can now send a simple text to get the same code. This means you can now switch mobile providers with relative ease.

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