What is SIP and How Will It Benefit Your Business?

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Voice and data connections are vital components to any business. Historically that has come at a high cost of running multiple lines, their flexibility and how much control you have over them.

SIP trunks provide a flexible and low-cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls. The concept of SIP trunking might sound foreign if you’re new to the concept of VoIP but it is a variant of VoIP. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, enabling you to take your existing PBX or landline phones and connect them to the internet.

For better managed communications, SIP trunking is one of your best phone tech options. But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few ways you will benefit from SIP.


Business continuity

Traditional ISDN doesn’t give you half as much control as SIP trunking does, most notably in business continuity. It offers a flexibility not available with traditional ISDN and has the technology available to keep your lines operating at all times. If you experience damage to your phone lines from a disaster, you’ll be able to keep calls coming in from customers.

SIP trunking minimises these problems and ensures you can keep working through every eventuality. Business continuity is essential to keeping your customers happy.

Cost savings

You may have heard how affordable VoIP is. SIP trunking technology is no different with a basic flat rate. It can typically save you 50% on line rentals and 25% on calls. It also allows you to make free calls between connected sites – even internationally.

Setting up SIP is also quick and easy. No more do you have to worry about facing cost-draining downtime to set up your phone system. Plus, with the ability to keep the same business number for different locations, you won’t have to spend more money on changing your business cards, advertisements or stationery.

Localising your number, even when it isn’t

SIP trunking allows you to decide which number you want to display on a call-by-call basis. Whether you’re moving offices, allowing employees to work remote locations or just wanting to grow your business without opening more offices, SIP trunking is so flexible that it allows non-geographic number ranges to be used – showing your business as local even if it physically isn’t.

Providing more control over phone usage

One of the greatest aspects to SIP trunking is how much control you’ll have without having to add any new equipment. Unlike other phone services, you don’t have to invest in new handsets. You simply use the phones you already have while easily connecting to the online world.

You can add new lines whenever needed

If you’re still using ISDN, chances are you’re spending money on lines that you may not actually need all year round. As your business grows, you want to add more lines without having to pay a fortune.

SIP Trunking works very differently. It gives you complete control of your lines. You can add more when demand is high, reduce them when there is little demand. Being able to make these instant changes puts you in total control of your communications. Complicated configurations are a thing of the past, since your phone system will operate through the internet, it’s a matter of plug in and you’re connected.

At Windsor Telecom, we offer superior SIP Trunking services. We’re available for a demonstration so you can see how the technology works in the real world and for your business.