How to save time and money running a business

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More and more businesses are coming to the realisation that the old ways of working simply can’t compete in the modern age. There’s always a constant desire and need to save time and money running a business.

Depending on your business and volume of clients, visiting every customer face-to-face can be unattainable. Even if you attempted it, the time and expense of travelling for meetings add up quickly. That’s why businesses are choosing to save time and money working from their base offices or homes and taking advantage of choosing top of the range video, audio and conferencing solutions in order to meet clients, partners and customers with the same quality but without the need for time-wasting and financially draining travel commitments.

Reducing expenses

The most obvious benefit of implementing conferencing solutions is to reduce expenses immediately.

Travel costs for reaching out to clients and visiting them in person range from the price of a coffee to tens of thousands of pounds for flights, hotels and associated expenses for team members. Stopping these trips results in an immediate benefit to the bottom line of the business.


Saving time and reaching more clients

Another major problem for companies is doing more with the time they have.

Employees that need to travel to meet each other for projects, meet clients, attend events and other business needs. However, travelling for these needs radically reduces efficiency. While on the road, employees can’t reach out to other businesses, nor engage in the same level of work and may simply put their normal work tasks to the side for several days. Of course, they were not hired to spend time on the road, but to effectively do their job. Conferencing solutions can put productivity back on track by reducing time travelling and recovering. This is especially the case when there are delays and even jet lag returning.

Similarly, the sales team needs to be at its top level of productivity to win the market and beat the competition. While one business is slowly travelling around the country meeting clients one by one, the other can implement top conferencing solutions and reach many clients in a single day. Those conferences are recorded and optimised for the specific client needs so that it is as efficient as possible. In this way, the sales team can rapidly grow its client base while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Conferencing features

Best of all, conferencing features have exploded in number and quality. Today, companies can meet with clients and partners with crystal clear quality and picture. Multiple people can gather round for conferencing events while sharing media such as presentations, other documents, video and audio files. It has never been easier to communicate.

Additionally, the users can all chat and interact during the conference by text. Each communication method can also be customised so that various users might be given different permissions or log on features.

Conferences can also be recorded and sent to participants after the meeting concludes as well. The meeting can be annotated, shared, uploaded, downloaded and stored in the cloud. There are so many new features that can help to save time and money that it’s hard to keep track.

Best of all, these services are more reliable than ever. There is little to no downtime and the quality is better than ever.

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