3 Powerful reasons for making the jump to VoIP

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The clock is ticking. In 2025, the traditional ISDN ‘fixed’ phone line will be switched off and if you haven’t already, you’ll need to upgrade to an Internet-based telephone system. Known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), there are a huge range of benefits that come with upgrading phone system so you really should consider making the leap. With an estimated 1 billion users by the end of 2017, VoIP is already taking the world by storm.

OK, we admit it…VoIP doesn’t have a very exciting name and it can be easy to switch off. Don’t worry though, we’ve outlined the top reasons to upgrade for you.


VoIP will save you bundles on your phone bill

The most obvious reason to make the shift to VoIP is for the money you’ll save. Business VoIP phone systems can typically save businesses between 30% and 70% over a traditional phone line. Of course, exact savings vary depending on the business and their telephony requirements, but look at it this way: When compared with old fashioned ISDN lines, there’s little to no maintenance required to the lines which significantly reduces running costs.


“The typical business can save between 30% and 70%.”


VoIP is incredibly flexible

Depending on your setup, your entire VoIP system could float majestically in the cloud and you could manage your calls from under a palm tree in the Bahamas if you so wish, so long as you have WiFi. With VoIP, the world is your oyster, whether you’re out and about looking at a job or even better, sunning it up in the South of France, you truly can take your business with you…if you’re that way inclined.

How is that possible? Well, with VoIP telephony, you have the ability to use a physical handset if you’re a stickler for tradition or you can simply download an easy-to-use app and harness the benefits of your VoIP bundle from the convenience of your mobile phone.


“With VoIP, the world is your oyster.”

VoIP increases efficiency

You’ll be amazed at how moving to an Internet-based phone system will help you increase your business’ efficiency. It can can be integrated with CRM systems using API integration, which means that you can automate contact updates whilst helping your agents to multi-task.

There’s another benefit: Voice data is managed differently to calls through a fixed line – it’s all digital. As a consequence, getting access to call recordings, retrieving voicemail notifications through email, creating outbound call performance charts and, well, a whole host of other features has never been easier. Now you can not only monitor and improve on staff performance, but you can make it easier for them to manage their own days too. Everybody wins.


“More great features than you can shake a stick at.”


What are you waiting for? If you’re interested in finding out more about how you could save money, increase your business’ flexibility and make it more efficient, just head on over to VoIP pages and leave your details; we’ll call you right back.