Checklist: What do your mobile workers need to work smarter

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There’s a lot of factors that are driving the mobile working trend. Access to more reliable high-speed connectivity. An increased number of smart devices being used. As well as how the demographics in the workplace and employees’ expectations around work-life balance is changing.

However, too many businesses are failing to help their mobile workers to be as successful as they could be. Being effective and productive away from the office is about more than having a smartphone and a laptop. It’s about having access to the right tools, the right information and the right contacts all in one place. This is where Hosted VoIP and business mobile come into play.

What do your mobile workers need to work smarter?

  • Enabling mobile workers to be truly effective relies on equipping them with the right tools for the job.
  • Ask yourself the questions below to check whether your mobile workers need to be better equipped.


  • Are your employees easy to reach when they’re mobile?
  • Do customers have one number to contact your employees on?
  • Is their availability status easy to see for both your office and mobile workers?

Access to information

  • Do employees have easy access to business directories and applications from their mobile devices?
  • Do employees struggle to find key information when they need it when out of the office?
  • How effective is the information presented to them on their smartphone or tablet?

Full communication functionality

  • Do mobile workers have access to key business features, such as conferencing and transferring calls?
  • Are employees using non-IT approved business apps because they lack the tools they need when mobile?
  • Are you able to record all calls, including those made on a mobile device?


Work/life balance

Do your tools support work/life balance to improve employee retention and satisfaction?
Are your employees able to effectively handle business calls from their personal mobile phone?

Cost control

  • Are your mobile employees able to make calls using the best possible connection that is the most cost effective for the business?

If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, you are ready to empower your mobile workers with the right tools. It’s now time to unleash your full business potential.

Transitioning to a truly mobile-enabled cloud telephony communications solution can help your business deliver tangible business benefits. Windsor Telecom offer a range of business-grade telecommunication solutions for all your business mobile and hosted VoIP needs. Leave us your details and find out about the Communication Solutions, we can offer you and your business.