Cloud phone systems may be the future, but memorable business phone numbers are still important

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As many of you might know, Windsor Telecom as a business has grown hugely in the past two decades, originally only selling inbound and memorable business numbers, but we have since brought in many other products and services to our portfolio such as hosted VoIP, business mobile solutions, connectivity, cloud contact centres and more. As we know and have advised on many times when talking to our customers, cloud telephony solutions are the future of the workplace, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of a memorable business number.

In a world where marketing is everything, from your brand vision, to offers and social media presence, differentiation is harder than ever with so much competition out there. One of the factors often neglected in this whirlwind is something so simple, a main and consistent point of contact that people will remember. Having a memorable business number can help you in more ways than one, let’s dive into how.

What is a memorable telephone number and why is it important?

It may seem obvious, but just to make it clear, a memorable number is a telephone number comprising of a pattern of numbers, making it easy to remember. This could be through consecutive numbers, repetition of the same number, or mirroring numbers – there are so many ways to do this and so many options.

The most important reason for having a memorable telephone number is that people will actually remember it and this factor single-handedly increases the chances of receiving a phone call. For example, an automotive garage offering towing and repair serves relies mainly on calls to land customers, due to the nature of the industry. This is so because people who require their help are in a moment of distress and cannot go to ask them in person. Therefore, having a phone number that is easy to remember really comes in handy in this type of situation. This is also important for charities and helplines, as, if someone is struggling, remembering the number instead of trying to find it could save valuable time in sensitive situations.

Quickest to the draw beats the competition

A memorable business phone number is especially useful in competitive industries as quite simply, it’s the easier option, and everyone likes ‘easy’. Smart phones have made information instantly accessible – looking up suppliers, finding contact details, recalling saved numbers – but a memorable number is the easiest of all. Instantly accessible as a repeating number pattern or burnt into muscle memory, means that your favourite takeaway or taxi firm whose number is ingrained in your memory, is still easier than searching for another option.

Numbers have become part of brands

Another big change is that people are no longer tied to a single location, they really can work from anywhere at any time, and on any device. Having a single phone system that works in the same way across mobile and desk phones makes life easier for everyone, as does having the functionality to be able to see colleagues’ availability to be able to transfer calls to exactly where needed.

With people still relying on phones as a primary way to contact businesses in the UK, why not make sure that your business phone number is a memorable one – it makes sense for your brand and your customers.

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