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Inbound call handling can help improve customer service

Providing good customer service is critical to the success of your business. 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. According to a report from the Ombudsen Services, last year customers chose to take their business elsewhere, to spend less with a company due to bad customer service cost over £37 billion.


Route calls faster

Improving the customer service experience starts by helping your customers reach the right departments faster. Using inbound call control features can direct calls to different departments. Choose from time of day or day of the week the call is received, call queuing and audio whisper.

Call plans that route your inbound calls to the right people first time can help resolve customer queries much more quickly. In fact 39% of consumers said it is critical for companies to provide more intelligent self-service so they are not trapped in unproductive automated systems.


Delivering the same customer service experience each time someone calls goes a long way towards keeping customers happy (providing the experience is good each time!)

Your call handling processes must aim to always get your callers to the right people as quickly as possible, even during peak call times. Using call routing features can help to distribute calls appropriately.

Consider implementing:

  • Call distribution to balance calls between multiple teams or office locations during busy periods
  • Call queuing to allow customers to “hold” until an agent is available
  • Call diversions – to re-route calls if a team is unavailable, or an office location is closed in an emergency and recorded messages to help direct callers to alternative sources of information that might help, like your website, to answer frequently asked questions and free up lines. Customers care very little about the circumstances that lead to a bad experience for them. Help avoid these situations with the implementation of simple but effective call management solutions.


Understand your customer

Understanding why a customer is unhappy is the only way to help prevent future negative experiences. 73% of consumers ended a relationship due to a poor customer experience. Take note of the cause of customer complaints. Then find a way that your inbound call handling processes. This could help prevent the same experiences for customers in the future.

Beyond simply listening to new customer complaints. It is also a good idea to review historic call stats to understand the reasons for any call abandonment rates. Make the most of a call management system to gain valuable insight into customer call behaviour, to make improvements. We can supply advanced call statistics to help you determine the most frequent exit points in your call flows.

A key part of a successful business is understanding your customers. Using a call management system to the fullest, using all features available will help you to gain insight into your customers’ behaviour. This in turn will help you to make improvements to your customers services. Leading to greater efficiency, improved customer loyalty and ultimately a better bottom line. Find out more on how we can help you with all of our call handling features available.