How connectivity supports your hybrid working strategy

Over the last year, businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to quickly adapt in order to keep trading. Staff working from home, whilst also being teachers; meetings with animals, strange backgrounds and family members appearing for cups of tea; the common use of the sentence ‘you’re on mute’; and of course, being stuck with a cat face filter for an important meeting.


A shift to hybrid working

Businesses have had to shift towards a more-flexible, remote working policy and become agile in their thinking of how to continue selling and supporting customers. Many are likely to mix the two in a ‘hybrid’ working strategy where some of the week is spent in the office and some working from back bedrooms, coffee shops or shared local workspaces.

Many companies with call centres have had to let their agents work from home using VoIP phone systems. This can cause problems as without a decent internet connection many business-grade technologies simply fall over leaving employees frustrated and unproductive.


Finding new technology solutions

Despite the many challenges, true British grit has shone through and many businesses have thankfully stayed afloat. One thing that became obvious throughout the last year was the importance of connectivity and the technologies that enable it. Trying to run cloud services that are business critical, whilst other family members and neighbours are hogging the bandwidth by streaming movies, playing games or Zooming with friends is just not going to end happily.


UK’s full fibre rollout

So, how can businesses get the best possible connectivity? Especially considering that the requirement for bandwidth is just going to continue increasing as we move more and more to cloud services and applications.

The best option is switching from the old copper lines to fibre. Open up your connectivity to increased speeds both up and down to help with all those business critical tools.

Fibre gives you ultrafast speeds, but with full fibre not available across all postcodes – and the national rollout not going to be complete before 2025, fibre may not be an option for your business just yet, but don’t let that hold you back. – 4 x faster than Fibre Broadband

Say hello to, unlocking speeds of up to 330 Mpbs – up to 4 x faster than FTTC (fibre to the cabinet). This means you can now access ultrafast speeds, giving you crystal clear video and audio calls, faster downloads and process payments faster. Best of all, its already installed so it’s easy to get connected to your home or office. uses the fibre network to your closest cabinet and then boosts the speed do the remaining copper section (a maximum of 300m) to ensure you are getting the best FTTC available. Meaning you shouldn’t need to worry about bandwidth again.

To find out more about, get in contact and have a chat with one of the team to see what your broadband options are.

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