CityFibre Update 2023

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2022 has been another strong year for CityFibre with their network passing a further 1 million homes over the past 12 months, now exceeding 2 million homes passed in 75 major metropolitan areas.


CityFibre was founded in 2011 to build a new generation of Full Fibre infrastructure for the UK – a network capable of transforming the digital capabilities of citizens and businesses, sparking innovation and underpinning our economy in a gigabit age.

In the 10+ years since then, CityFibre has grown to operate the UK’s largest and finest independent Full-Fibre platform. Their high-quality digital infrastructure enables homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and more, to access ultra-reliable, gigabit speed and future-proof broadband, ethernet and 5G services.

With a £4 billion investment program, CityFibre is pushing hard to substantially complete its UK roll-out by 2025. The roll-out addresses approximately a third of the UK market including up to 8 million homes, 800,000 businesses, 400,000 public sector sites and 250,000 5G access points. This will make CityFibre the largest independent, carrier-neutral Full-Fibre platform in the country, and the largest independent investment in the UK’s digital infrastructure for a generation.

Today, CityFibre is available in around 75 towns and cities across the UK, with four of those being in the Thames Valley area – Reading, Maidenhead, Slough and Bracknell. Windsor Telecom is very proud to be working with CityFibre in these areas, bringing their ultra-fast fibre internet to the forward-thinking businesses we have in the region.

See more about CityFibre’s rollout plan here:

If you’re lucky enough to be in a CityFibre enabled area it’s worth considering the benefits that a switch to this new, future-proofed, intelligent network, would bring to your business. Understand more with our candid Q&As:


Q. What’s so special about full fibre internet?

A. Quite simply it’s the fastest internet technology there is available. Up until now, ‘fibre’ connections have mainly used a mixture of fibre and copper wires, the copper element of which degrades over time. Full fibre gives an end-to-end fibre connection giving a near faultless connection and the fastest speeds available.

Q. Do I really need gigabit speeds?

A. You might not feel you need it today but as a nation we’re getting more and more data hungry. Just think of the number of connected devices and streaming we all now rely on in our personal lives; in business that reliance is far greater with the vast majority of future services all being managed via the internet. It’s much smarter for a business to have internet capacity than restrictions when planning for their future.

Q. What will full fibre allow me to do that I can’t do already?

A. It’s not so much about what you couldn’t do before, it’s about not having to ever worry about what you’ll be able to do in the future, because with a CityFibre full fibre connection everything will just feel effortless.

Q. Why do you call the CityFibre network ‘intelligent’?

A. CityFibre has designed its network with all the intelligence available in today’s digital world, rather than when the original copper network was installed over 100 years ago. This means it’s been designed to quietly track and fix issues as they happen – minimising painful glitches, freezes and drop outs that we’ve all had to tolerate for so long.

Q. This all sounds great but surely it’s going to cost me more!

A. Interestingly this isn’t the case. If you’ve had your current leased line for a few years you’ll almost definitely find that a new CityFibre connection will actually save you money. Plus we’ve got a couple of great offers running until the end of March 2023 which will give you even more value for less.

Q. Okay, you’ve got me interested, what do I do next?

A. Just give us a call on 0800 160 1111 or email and we’ll arrange a time for you to talk to one of our connectivity experts. They’ll take some time to listen to what you need and then be able to advise and provide an obligation-free quote for the connectivity service that will suit you best, based on availability and speeds in your area.