A Guide to Mobile Working

5 Steps to adopting a flexible workforce

If you’ve been following workplace trends over the past five years, one significant change is impossible to miss: Work is an activity that we do, not a place we go.

Gone are the days when the vast majority of employees make the daily commute to a corporate office. Today employees prefer a work-life balance that allows them to manage their family and personal obligations, with their work duties. In ways that boost their productivity, while minimising any extra time spent in the office. This all speaks to an increase in mobile working.

So, what is mobile working?

Firstly, we think it’s important to point out what mobile working isn’t. It isn’t about checking your emails on your phone or working from home the odd time.

It’s so much more than that.

A more formal definition of mobile working is “a method of working that isn’t tied to a physical location”. Mobile working requires access to business data and applications, advanced communications tools, collaboration spaces, colleagues and customers, on any device and any network.

Facts about mobile working

How can my business get setup for mobile working?

Transitioning to a truly mobile-enabled unified communications solution for your business can help you unleash your full potential. Follow these 5 steps to get setup:

Step 1 – Get broadband

Firstly, you need to get your connectivity right. With more and more applications moving into the cloud, it’s essential you can connect your business reliably and at high speeds. Get your business connected to a business-exclusive broadband network that is built to provide high-quality data and voice services.

Step 2 – Get hosted VoIP

It’s time to future proof your business and get your office setup with secure hosted VoIP system. Business VoIP phone systems are fast becoming the number one choice for organisations large and small due to their reliability and high-quality communication. A VoIP system could save you both time and money as it is easily installed and as you have a reliable internet connection, it can be very cost effective to run. It’s also scalable and allows you to add more phone lines instantly.

Step 3 – Get business mobile

Next, you need to get your employees connected with a business mobile solution. Not only is business mobile reliable with 4G as standard, but it also runs on a business network so is free from consumer traffic clogging up the network, offering a premium service.

Step 4 – Get Connect

Connect is the key that combines this all together into one integrated unified solution. It enhances the features and control of your Windsor Telecom Hosted VoIP solution with seamless integration into Windsor Telecom’s business mobile solution.
Your customers will benefit from being able to contact you whether you are in or out the office. You will be able to manage all your communication needs through a single web portal and maintain one profile across both your office and mobile phones. It allows you to access one voicemail inbox, one set of call recordings and make and receive calls on the phone number you wish to present to your customers and colleagues.

Step 5 – Enjoy great service


With Windsor Telecom, getting your unified communications setup couldn’t be easier. We believe demystifying telecoms by delivering bespoke solutions for any business. We offer a fully-managed service, including provisioning and order management and will assist you every step of the way in your installation and setup. Your employees will very quickly see the benefits of a truly unified communication solution.

Speak to Windsor Telecom today and we’ll find a communication solution that will best suit your business mobility needs.

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